Saturday November 29 I’ll be working at Book People

indies_first_496x353This Saturday I’ll be joining the staff at Book People, Austin’s wonderful independent bookstore, for Indies First. Here’s some background:

Last year, bestselling author Sherman Alexie issued a call to arms to authors nationwide: show your support of your local independent bookstore by volunteering to work! And thus was born Indies First, happening for the second consecutive year on Small Business Saturday, November 29.

With the vocal support of internationally recognized authors Neil Gaiman, Amanda Palmer and Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket), we’re excited to see this year’s Indies First celebration continue to strengthen the important relationship between authors and booksellers. Through authors events, in-store displays, bookseller recommendations and more, our goal is to expose the work of our talented local literary community to a wide audience of readers and help you discover your next great, homegrown read.

I’m going to join Austin authors Edward Carey and Mark Pryor on the Book People sales floor. Come on down if you’re in town. I’ll be happy to recommend some great books to you.

My shift is from noon – 1 p.m.

Book People
603 N Lamar Blvd
Austin, Texas

The Burning Mind: ideas and inspiration

If you want to know where I got some of the inspiration for The Burning Mind (aka Phantom Instinct), check out these interviews.BURNING MIND PIC


“The Burning Mind is about perception. A catastrophic shootout leaves two damaged survivors who must work together to stop a killer. Hunting him down, and coming out alive, depends on accurate perception—by the survivors, the cops, and the people the killer has in his sights. Because almost nobody believes he exists.

And things may literally not be what they seem.”

And over on, I talk about When Our Eyes Deceive Us.

Years ago, I stepped into a lift and came face to face with an old boyfriend. The door closed and an awkward moment worsened—he ignored me.

The rest of the interview is at the link.

Bouchercon postscript

Postman Journal

Bouchercon is about Mystery fiction, and every convention has a book room where booksellers set up and offer all those fine, fine crime novels for sale. In Long Beach, as the convention wound up, I headed there to say goodbye to everybody. I was chatting with one of the stalwart regulars, Mystery Mike, when I spotted this journal among the books he had for sale.

A Postman Always Rings Twice journal. I started joking about what kind of entries such a journal should contain. “They threw me off the hay truck around noon.” “Damn, the old guy’s wife is hot.” “She wants me to kill him. I don’t know if it’s a good idea…”

And Mike handed the journal to me. Gratis. I plan to write all kinds of crazy plot and character sketches in it. I love it.

And if you’re looking for hard to find, out of print, used, and rare books, give Mystery Mike’s some love.

The Burning Mind: out today in Britain


Hey there, Britain. My new novel The Burning Mind (aka Phantom Instinct) is published today in the UK. You know you want it. Go on. Go on, go on, go on.

The Burning Mind: reviews in Closer magazine and Crimetime

BURNING MIND PICThe Burning Mind (aka Phantom Instinct) will be published in the UK on Thursday. The first reviews from British publications have arrived, and I’m happy that they have nice things to say about the novel.

Closer magazine has chosen the book as one of its Hot Picks. It calls the book a “gripping psychological thriller” and says, “This suspense-filled book is a must-read.”

Crimetime says:

“In a previous incarnation (as Meg Gardiner), M.G. Gardiner was an author who had the absolute measure of the contemporary crime novel, in which plotting of tensile strength was matched to characterisation rich in nuance… if anything is new, it is, surprisingly, an even more assured sense of authority (recognised in a jacket encomium by Stephen King, who compares Gardiner to Lee Child and Michael Connelly)… As in the earlier The Shadow Tracer, there is a storytelling ethos at work here which fully justifies the oldest cliché in the reviewer’s lexicon: this one is unputdownable.”

Yeah. Happy, relieved, and thoroughly delighted.

Me and Edgar, hangin’

Meg and Edgar

Here I am at Bouchercon 2014 with my BFF Edgar & his little buddy the Raven, who will just not shut up. NEVERMORE. Yeah, we get it.

Mr. Poe is wearing his happy face.

Hello from Bouchercon

Bcon LB

I’m in Long Beach attending Bouchercon, the “World Mystery Convention,” along with a couple of thousand others. I love this event. Where else would the convention program have such an awesome, twisted cover?

I’ll collect anecdotes, gossip, and blackmail material as the weekend progresses. More to follow.