China Lake – Amazon bestseller

Man, it was fun writing those words. China Lake is currently number 14 on Amazon’s crime bestsellers above Harlen Coben, Lisa Gardner, Ian Rankin and Nicci French, and it’s number 122 in the overall Amazon bestseller list.

Amazon actually contacted my publisher to find out what was going on. All I can say is: you guys are going on. Thank you, readers!

UPDATE: Now number 94 overall. And yes, I’m bragging. I’ll repent my pride later.

MO’ UPDATE: In the comments, Susan writes:

I just checked

Under Mystery and Thriller, your books are, wait for it….
3 (China Lake), 4 (Mission Canyon) 5 (Jericho Point) and 23 (Crosscut).

EVEN MO’ UPDATE: China Lake no. 7 crime, 43 overall on; Mission Canyon 19, Jericho Point & Crosscut 32 & 33.

LAST, BEST UPDATE: From Patti, in the comments, about Amazon Canada’s mystery/thriller list. “It’s happened. On, China Lake is now #1, followed by Mission Canyon (4), Jericho Point (6), Crosscut (13), and Kill Chain (43). All of them are now on the list.”

18 responses to “China Lake – Amazon bestseller

  1. Thank goodness! My cookie jar stash is bled dry…I can quit buying and selling copies online now!

    Great news, Euro-Snart! Keep us posted!

  2. Congrats. I hope you sent Stephen King a Fruit Basket or something. 🙂

  3. Way to be, Meg!

    And some enterprising dealer is flogging their copy at $65.00?? I just hope that’s not my brother selling the copy I lent him.

  4. Hey Meg, I just checked

    Under Mystery and Thriller, your books are, wait for it….
    3 (China Lake), 4 (Mission Canyon) 5 (Jericho Point) and 23 (Crosscut).

    And I’m especially impressed with, which has you on the bestseller list AND says “currently unavailable”.

  5. I checked a couple of hours ago and U.S. had one used mass market paperback copy of China Lake available through an independent dealer. The price was $25.00, plus shipping and handling. This is going to be the main problem here in the States now that thousands of people have read Steve’s endorsement of you in Entertainment Weekly. Small dealers of used books (not all, but a lot) will try to cash in on your sudden popularity.

  6. Congratulation, Meg! Maybe now publishers here in the States will come to their senses.

  7. Meg, I believe that rumbling noise in the background (notice how it gets louder by the minute?) is the sound of your ship coming in. Well done!!

  8. Meg, please don’t become too famous to blog.

  9. It’s at number 8 (in Crime etc) in as of 12.51pm! Mission Canyon at 19, Jericho Point & Crosscut at 32 & 33……………………….

  10. Latest readout from the Meg-ticker: on the main bestseller list, it’s China Lake (26), Mission Canyon (42), Jericho Point (46); on the mystery/thriller list it’s China Lake (2!!!), Mission Canyon (4), Jericho Point (6), and Crosscut (30). I was hoping for Crosscut at 8 so I could launch into a cheer, but even in virtual form that could be embarrassing.

  11. Thanks for the updates. I’m glad you’re on top of the sales rankings so that I don’t become obsessive-compulsive about checking them myself.

    Oh, I’m going to go ahead and cheer. Two, four, six, thirty! Amazon is down and dirty! Um, or… Amazon is mighty purty!

  12. That’s great, Meg. I have already told a neighbour she should get China Lake after asking me what I’d recommend her spending her book token on.

    And once my brother get’s that copy for his birthday, I’m sure Evan will start to fill his shelves.


  13. As Jeff Goldblum might say “Must print faster!” Call me spiteful, but I hope there are publishers everywhere crying in their french vanilla over a missed opportunity. And call me sentimental, but I feel like my little girl is leaving the nest…

    Crosscut – 33
    Lisey’s Story – 35

    Talk about taking one for the team. Go SK! I get the feeling he would strap on a diaper and drive around the country to promote such a worthy discovery.

  14. Any idea if this book will be available at any time soon? I am in the car constantly and have been getting my written word “nourishment” primarily from a membership on their site. I just recently heard of your work via the Stephen King article. I see that Mission Canyon IS available at Audible; I’m going to purchase as soon as I finish this post. Will I be missing anything by reading/listening to books in this series out of sequence? Congrats on King’s glowing recommendation…I’ll post again after finishing “Mission.”

  15. Well, after reading a few sample pages of China Lake — I’m sold! Stephen King was right, it’s non-stop excitement! 😀

  16. Domenico Pisanti

    Congrats from Sunny South Africa. Am doing my bit down south to spread the word. It must be the most amazing feeling to watch that number go up on Amazon, and to see Meg Gardiner perched above some really established names! Your sharing of joy (sod the Catholic guilt)is inspiring.

    Domenico Pisanti (he of the Meg Gardiner look-alike wife)

  17. It’s happened. On, China Lake is now #1, followed by Mission Canyon (4), Jericho Point (6), Crosscut (13), and Kill Chain (43). All of them are now on the list. Way to go, Meg!

  18. Oh, I forgot. The above is for the mystery/thriller list. On the overall list, it’s CL (18), MC (44), JP (57). It’s interesting to watch people progress through the series.

    Ok, perhaps it’s not, but I’m working hard at not writing today because it will involve incorporating quotations like “The redefined understanding of creativity suggested by the discursive subject entails that subjects piece together distinctive combinations, that is, individual subjectivities, from the discursive mix available to them…it entails that subjectivities are products of the discourses present to subjects, not removed from or preceding them” (the very smart Susan Hekman, soon to be butchered by the not-nearly-so-smart Dr. P).

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