Giving up snark for Lent

A couple of weeks ago I joked about giving up snark for Lent. It was an offhand remark, but I’ve decided it’s a good idea. In the spirit of the penitential season, I’m going to forgo sniping, smirking, whining, and all other forms of sarcasm that fall under the category of snarking. That’s 40 days without a cutting remark, even about Britney Spears.

What, did you think I was going to give up chocolate, or pinot noir?

However, in Catholic social tradition Lent is preceded by party time. Mardi Gras precedes Ash Wednesday. And this year, so will Semana Snarka. Snark Week. Hey, Catholics do indulgence like nobody else.

Now I’m off to catch a plane. My journey includes two flights and three airports, so I presume that when it’s over I’ll have plenty of material to complain about.

17 responses to “Giving up snark for Lent

  1. Meg, instead of pinot noir, may I suggest a pinotage. It’s a unigue cultivar to South Africa and is a combination of pinot noir and hermitage. I believe it’s becomng quite popular in the UK.

  2. I don’t know about this idea. It sounds to me a little like Samson going for a haircut. I hope it grows back.

  3. Meg,
    Here’s a novel you can read on the way back. The Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill, who is one of Steve’s children. Just came out. The book is turning out to be one of the best outright horror novels of the last five years. It looks like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Could this mean that Kate, like her mom, may turn out to be a bestselling author one day?

  4. Geez, Meg. I read that as “Giving Up Snart for Lent”! Talk about panic! Ah, but it was only giving up 1/4 of your effervescent personality…that’s easily done. Or is it?

    Care to place a wager, my friend? Forty days and forty nights is a very, very long time.

    Oh, and how I wish I could be with you for Semana Snarka!

  5. Snart: “Wager”? I see you’re playing the role of Tempter. You can certainly be with me for Semana Snarka, here online. We’ll see how the wager plays out.

  6. But what shall the wager be? And who shall be the judge? Scout’s honor will do.

    Beginning next Wednesday, you cannot react to any idiocy that you might read about in the news, nor can you indulge in the fantasy of assigning levels of hell to the morons and sinners of the world. Furthermore, comb-overs and inflatable bosoms are verboten targets of ridicule.

    But what will transgression cost you?

    Any ideas out there?

  7. Oh no! Meg without Snark? But it’s so you, Meg. (And of course, I mean that in the most effusively admiring way.)

    Think what you’re setting yourself up for. You declare yourself a Snark-Free Zone, and your legion of loyal Blogites will be taking aim, treating you to all manner of strange and amazing pieces of sad reality, vying to be first to bring you down.

    (Not me of course. No)

  8. What do we do about vicarious snark? By that, I mean the snide, sarcastic, and acidly brilliant witticisms produced by the Blogites and consumed by our abstemious leader. I see potential for the opposite situation, Susan, in which the 40 days turn into a passive snark-fest as Meg posts all of the grammatical atrocity and human idiocy she encounters and leaves us to rip it to bits while she stands by and inhales deeply, rather like a newly-ex-smoker hanging out in the smoking area to catch the secondhand fumes.

    To the Husband: please do keep an eye on Duke’s behaviour through Lent. If he is unusually anxious (if Labs even register anxiety for anything other than food) he might be detecting extremely high levels of electrical activity in Meg’s brain that could indicate that she’s about to blow. Medical intervention may be necessary.

  9. Meg, Semana Snarka only has about 4 1/2 days left–better get rolling.

  10. Not sure if a no snark home zone will be liveable. May have to take Duke, Casper the cat, and youngest son and hide in the Cotswolds. Could be as unbearable as wife in final editing mode, which got so bad once I took sons to Disneyland for a quick R&R.

    But all things aside, I’m sure we’ll survive (just like Evan).

    And as a last thought – thank you faithful readers and bloggers. This has been a great week for Meg and let me tell you it’s a good thing to have a happy wife. 🙂

  11. This is one of these times I’m glad to have an ocean and a continent between myself and my mother. Though I love her dearly, I’m not sure that I’ll want to see what she’s like during Holy Week after not having snarked for so long.

  12. In some years I have given up sarcasm for Lent. This made it hard for my friends to recognize me, although co-workers were very appreciative (at least for the first week before it became too exhausting to maintain). Admittedly, it would have been hugely depressing if no one had noticed…

  13. Constance, what helped you last for that entire week? Holy water? Peanut butter cookies? I’m in the market for all legal spiritual aids.

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