Cover art – every country’s different

My books are currently published in six languages. Each publisher designs its own covers and they’re wildly different. Seeing one for the first time is like opening a Christmas present. Wow, look at this! A brand new book! Pretty neat trick, considering I wrote it. Here are the covers for the various editions of China Lake.

UK edition – original and reissue covers:












Spanish, Russian, German and Swedish editions are soon to come. So is the US edition. I’m looking forward to them all.

(Note: the Christmas present analogy only works with new editions, not copies taken from my bookshelf and wrapped in shiny paper. However, the time my son actually gave me China Lake for Christmas, I was highly amused.)

2 responses to “Cover art – every country’s different

  1. Meg:

    Published…in…six…languages? Pardon me while my envy melts the keyboard in front of me and the screen takes on the consistency of jelly.

    My friend Peter Watts just had his novel BLINDSIGHT translated into German. The title came out looking like BUTTPLUG (much to Peter’s dismay…and delight). To be read around the world is wonderful…but do you ever worry about the quality of the translation (something beyond your control)? I’m curious.

  2. I do think about the quality of the translations, Cliff. I don’t worry about translators being able to convey the plot, but about their ability to capture the heroine’s voice and sense of humor. I put my trust in my foreign rights agent, who negotiates publication deals all over the world. She knows the foreign editors, who know and trust their translators… and so far, the feedback I’ve gotten from readers of foreign editions has been positive. So far so good. The day my title gets changed to BUTTPLUG, however, the gloves come off.

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