Fighting for grammar, on the street

A “grammar vigilante” heads to Seattle in his fight to make the USA “a safer place for spelling.”

The Typo Eradication Advancement League.

(Via Wordsmith.)

8 responses to “Fighting for grammar, on the street

  1. I think we’d best send the man the official regalia of the GGU.

  2. Official regalia by all means, but not to be worn on the job. I suspect he works best under cover.

    I so often itch to have a grease pencil at hand when I’m out and about.

    Last week’s most notable offense that I spotted in a hotel in London, Ontario: a notice on a conference room door about the meeting of “Occassional Teachers.”

  3. As a not-so-occassional teacher, I’ll use these photo’s in my classes’ for the edification of my student’s!!

  4. Hike’r Chick, correct grammar calls for a minimum of three exclamation points at the end of all sentences!!!

  5. You can’t fool us, Hiker Chick. Using perfectly-spelled “edification” in your memo is the tip-off.

    Unless, of course, you meant “edicuation”.

  6. ahhh! Im in trouble now! I’m the worst speller on this board! Should I turn myself in? what should I do? 🙂

  7. It’s okay, Matt. You’re among friends here.

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