Harrogate: They Can Kill You Anywhere

And by “They,” I don’t mean Sister Mary Ignatius and the Fighting Nuns of Harrogate, who battled me for a seat on the train yesterday. To those of you wondered whether I survived — yes, but it was close. We ended up in a chase, which was tense because I was wearing boots, while Sister Mary Ignatius had on those crepe soled nun shoes, which don’t slip at all while running along the roof of an express train. Anyway, I finally made it to the Harrogate Crime Writing Festival, and the sisters have gone home to the convent of Our Lady of the Right Cross.

“They Can Kill You Anywhere” is the panel I took part in this morning. It was mostly about settings: San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Stalinist Russia, Austin, Texas, and the deep ocean. Here are a couple of photos.

Me with moderator CJ Carver and fellow panelists Jeff Abbott, Frank Schätzing, and Tom Rob Smith.

And, to protect myself in case the Fighting Nuns send a contingent to jump me on the train ride back to London, I have formed a gang with Jeff Abbott. It involves wearing black Banana Republic shirts and Gap jeans. We haven’t decided whether we’re the Sharks or the Jets, but we’re plenty scary. Aren’t we?

6 responses to “Harrogate: They Can Kill You Anywhere

  1. Very nice shirts. Didn’t the others get the e-mail?

  2. That was a great panel. Lovely to meet you!

  3. Glad you enjoyed it, Karen. Thanks for including me on your quiz team.

    Susan, the others wore their own colors.

  4. Scariest part of the festival was you and Jeff sitting together at the signing table. I thought I was entering South Central Harrogate and wearing the wrong colors.

    It didn’t help that I was sweating with a bag full of Jeff Abbott bookmarks, most of which were illegally obtained from unoccupied seats, and Tom Rob Smith’s posse was blocking a clear line to the exit.

  5. I must point out that my gangsta threads came from Nordstrom’s, which has WAY more street cred than BR or the Gap. Word!

    It was a delight to finally meet Meg face to face and see that a terrific writer is also a really funny and gracious person.

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