I have a new friend

His name is Edgar.


All the results from the Edgar Awards here.

30 responses to “I have a new friend

  1. sleeplessnsb


  2. Congratulations!!!!

  3. Woohoo!

    You’re gonna need to move those foreign edition bookcases apart to make room for a new trophy/awards cabinet.

    Well deserved, Meg – congratulations.

  4. Congrats!

  5. Congratulations Meg!

  6. susanintoronto

    Soooooo happy for you! Well done.

  7. Marvelous! What a time you are having this year. Congratulations!

  8. Congrats, Meg!

  9. I nearly wrote “Incredible!” but that wouldn’t have been true. Completely credible and fully expected by anyone who’s ever read one of your books, Meg. I’m very happy for you!

  10. Raining, pouring, fleets of ships coming in–this is magnificent! Big, happy, pre-coffee grins for you from Sudbury.

  11. Belated congratulations, Meg. How thrilling! The county of Surrey (hon mem Waterloo Station) is proud of you. Seriously, I’m so pleased- very well done to you (and you look extremely elegant and stunning in that dress).

  12. Many congratulations!

  13. This is marvelous – yahoooo!

  14. Meg, that’s wonderful. Congratulations!!!!!

  15. Your first Edgar! *sniff* That’s awesome! And well deserved!

  16. That Edgar statuette is freakin’ awesome! How cool is that?

    Congratulations Meg, that is just da bomb!

  17. I have be honest I have never heard of Edgar…sounds like one of those stuffy boys club…but, if they were smart enough to see your talent…I ready to take all that back…

    you deserve this….


  18. Brava, Meg! You’re the best!
    And Jeff, I agree, we here all knew it first!

  19. Congratulations!! That’s fantastic, and so very well deserved.

  20. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! Joe and I are thrilled
    to know an AWARD WINNING AUTHOR.

  21. so proud of you and pleased for you — what an awesome accomplishment! Tom

  22. Mage sends you a congratulatory smooch :*

  23. It’s about damned time!

  24. What joyful news, Meg! And, of course, you and Eddie A.P. make a handsome pair in the photo 😉

  25. Why am I not surprised?

    You rock!

  26. Thanks, everybody.

  27. Many many congratulations. Much deserved.

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