CrimeFest wrapup, plus your questions answered

My expedition to Bristol for CrimeFest was successful. Zoë Sharp interrogated me into telling true stories about the time in high school I spent a day on patrol with the Sheriff’s Department — and nearly got caught in a bank robbery — and how another time, wearing whiteface makeup for a mime performance, I and my friends were pulled over by a police officer who thought we had robbed Baskin-Robbins. And I explained what happened when the Husband took the kids to the Cobra Petting Zoo.

Saturday night at the gala dinner, I had the pleasure of introducing the conference’s guests of honor Simon Brett, Hakan Nesser, and Andrew Taylor. Not only that, but I didn’t trip on the steps to the stage, I remembered to invite Goldsboro Books’ David Headley to present the Last Laugh Award, and I managed not to spill water on the microphone and electrocute myself. Success! And on Sunday I played Criminal Mastermind, in which four contestants were grilled by quizmaster Maxim Jakubowski about crime fiction trivia. The competition was won by Martin Edwards, who has had the crime fiction encyclopedia microchip implanted in his prefrontal cortex. So, considering that, my third place finish was relatively respectable.

Now to answer your questions. Let’s start with one from Dan.

What are your top 3 guilty pleasures?

They can be anything….food, drink, hobby, TV show… what are the top 3?

Great question. Let me state up front that chocolate doesn’t figure in my answer because it is a basic food group, not a guilty pleasure. My top three:

  1. Using frequent flyer miles to upgrade to business class.
  2. Getting a sports massage after going for a long run, because, to my immense shock, I no longer seem to be nineteen, and running makes me ache like a rotten tooth.
  3. Champagne.

Put those three together, add a beach and a sunset, and you have my ideal vacation. Which, because I drink champagne about once a year, might be affordable.

And I’ll add number 4: Reading disgusting British gossip magazines while watching America’s Next Top Model. Bliss.

More answers tomorrow.

3 responses to “CrimeFest wrapup, plus your questions answered

  1. Sounds like you had a great time. For the record, glad you didn’t electrocute yourself.

    And, I especially relate to #4.

  2. Hi Meg

    Sorry for the slow reply, but just wanted to stop by and say you were a pleasure to interrogate ;-]

  3. Thanks, Zoë. You were an expert interrogator — didn’t leave a single mark on me.

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