Jo Beckett gets a shot at TV

Got some news: The Jo Beckett books have been optioned for television.

Curtis Hanson has optioned the series for his production company and CBS/Paramount.

I’m extremely pleased. And to all my readers, I have to say: Thank you. You helped build the buzz about my books, which drew the attention of Hollywood. And thanks as well to the team at my literary agency, Curtis Brown UK — especially Tally Garner, who made this happen.

15 responses to “Jo Beckett gets a shot at TV

  1. Curtis Hanson…awesome! Many congrats, Meg!

    His movie adaptations of Michael Chabon’s “Wonder Boys” and James Ellroy’s “L.A. Confidential” were both excellent.

    Your novels couldn’t be in better hands.

  2. Fantastic news, Meg – congratulations!

    Looking forward to actually being able to see if my character has been more fortunate in the hair stakes than I have!


  3. Too cool.

  4. Congratulations Meg. It is your awesome talent that has achieved this. I hope you have some input into the project. I would hope for a series devoted to one book at a time ala Dexter. I’d hate to see the characters cheapened like network TV did to James Patterson’s Womens Murder Club. I’ll keep my fingers crossed no matter how difficult this makes typing. :>)

  5. Excellent! And since 4 comments went up without the obvious (dare I say trite?) question, I’ll ask it now:

    Who do you see playing Jo?

  6. That is so wonderful. I get a little verklempt when nice things happen to people I like. (Yes, I know. I don’t really know you — but dammit! I like you. I really, really like you.)

    Congratulations! Can’t wait to see it.

  7. It’s about time! We’ve always said your books would make great movies or TV.

    When you’re done circling the moon, pat yourself on the back, from all of us!


  8. Happy times!

  9. Congrats, Meg! I second Rich’s comment about Dexter; story-per-season type shows seem to be the growing trend lately, so fingers crossed.

  10. Fantastic news Meg. I can’t wait to see Jo in HD. Who do you see playing Mr. Peebles?:-)

  11. Who to play Mr. Peeb;es? I would go with typecasting and suggest Ryan Seacrest. ;>)

  12. I am so thrilled for you for this, congratulations.

  13. Congrats Meg, any chance you will be making a cameo appearance in the show?

  14. Hi Jo,
    Actually I was hoping to see Memory Collector on the big screen! Fantastic read with twists that had me saying Wow!
    Thanks for bringing Jo Beckett to life!

  15. Jane: You never know where Jo’s going to turn up… glad you liked the novel. Thanks!

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