How I know it’s the Summer Solstice

I turn on the television and a druid is being interviewed on the news channel.


How I know the interview is taking place at the real, authentic British Stonehenge, and not a Spinal Tap mini-reconstruction:

The reporter, standing about half a mile from the stone circle, describes the scene: “… thousands of people… many camped out, waiting to be here at sunrise…” — which came at 4:58 a.m. — “Peaceful crowds… in fact…” — the camera pans across the plain — “one fellow seems still to be asleep…”


And we see a man sprawled face-down in the field, immobile, arms and legs askew. The camera keeps panning, and the reporter muddles onward, interviewing the druid, until the news folk back at the studio hesitantly say, “Perhaps someone should check to see if that man is all right.”

I suspect mead.

One response to “How I know it’s the Summer Solstice

  1. The first picture looks like the beginning of a Spandau Ballet video.

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