Vampires: today’s lunchtime bites

The Sunday Times analyzes the allure of vampires in the context of the show True Blood, and concludes it’s all about sex.

And Jeff VanderMeer posts a video mashup of Buffy and Twilight, which makes Edward Cullen look completely creepy.

5 responses to “Vampires: today’s lunchtime bites

  1. And you all thought I was being facetious when I said the allure was all to do with sex.

    BTW, I found True Blood to be very cheezy. We have enough bigots in the world without throwing a whole sub-species into the mix as well.

  2. In a Joss Whedon-Stephanie Meyer smackdown the winner should be obvious. Jeff’s mashup confirms it – Joss is a marvel. Now if Dr. Horrible would meet Edward Cullen…. Thanks so much, this absolutely made my week.

  3. I’ve never seen either of these. Now, I feel I’ve seen the best of both! And of course it’s about sex. Imagine saying that word with fangs: Schex!

    Almost as good as Barbara Stanwyck in “Thorn Birds.” “Kishh me, Ralph, ash if we were loversh!”

  4. haohoha! Snart!

  5. Too funny Snart – people in the office are wondering what I’m laughing about.

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