Dagger Awards 2009 – the results

Last night’s Crime Writers’ Association Dagger Awards featured a lively crowd packed into the Tiger Tiger nightclub, and resulted in four happy winners, a couple of happy “highly commended” authors, and a long-in-the-making announcement from the CWA.

Winners of the four Daggers announced last night:

Dagger in the Library: Colin Cotterill

International: The Chalk Circle Man, Fred Vargas, translated by Sian Reynolds (Harvill Secker).

  • Highly commended: Echoes from the Dead, Johan Theorin, translated by Marlaine Delargy (Doubleday)

Short Story: “One Serving of Bad Luck” from Killer Year, Sean Chercover (Mira)

Debut: The Pathologist, Catherine O’Keefe (Canada)

  • Highly commended: Backdrop, C.J. Harper (USA)

CWA Chair Margaret Murphy also announced that the CWA has joined forces with Cactus TV to present the Crime Thriller Daggers on October 21st. At that ceremony, which will be televised, the CWA’s Gold, Steel, and John Creasey (New Blood) Daggers will be awarded. This is a wonderful opportunity to raise the profile of crime novels and celebrate some excellent mysteries and thrillers. A lot of work has gone into making it happen, and it should be a terrific event.

Here are a few photos from last night’s awards. (Yes, my mug is in all of them… I was the emcee, and the Husband had the camera.)


With the evening’s guest speaker, Mark Billingham.


With nominee for the Short Story Dagger, Zoë Sharp.


With Sean Chercover, winner of the Short Story Dagger for “One Serving of Bad Luck.”


With Ali Karim of The Rap Sheet and Shots magazine, who tweeted the event.


Mark Billingham and I, caught stuffing our faces with canapes after the awards. I said the Husband had the camera. I didn’t say he took flattering photos.

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9 responses to “Dagger Awards 2009 – the results

  1. Congratulations on an excellent event, Ms. Emcee! Now you can breathe for a while, until your next event!

  2. Very nice pictures. I want to hear about the food too.

  3. And I want to hear about how well the emcee did! We get reviews of the books, I expect feedback from this live performance.

    From the photos, it’s clear that the “s. g. t.” worked. And I like the dress. Did you get NEW curtains?

  4. Excuse me? What curtains are you referring too?

    :-\ yikes.

  5. Dana Jean, at this point I should mention that I’ve known Ron since seventh grade. He’s just pulling my pigtails.

    And Ron: Maybe you hang clothes in front of the windows and consider it home decor. Around here, we call it laundry.

  6. Dana Jean, Meg has characterized me perfectly.

    The truth is, from the pictures it is clear that Meg looked stunning at The Dagger Awards. As a matter of fact, all of the current photos I’ve seen of her indicate that she looks as youthful, fit and lovely as she looked in high school.

    I, on the other hand, have achieved the dreaded combination of aging physically at an alarming rate while regressing in maturity back to the elementary school level wherein I find pulling pigtails highly entertaining.

    I’m looking for a 12-step program to address this, if anyone has any ideas.

    Now, back to my assignment…
    I will not misbehave on “lying for a living.”
    I will not misbehave on “lying for a living.”
    I will not misbehave on “lying for a living.”
    I will not misbehave on “lying for a living.”
    I will not misbehave on “lying for a living.”
    I will not misbehave on “lying for a living.”
    I will not misbehave on “lying for a living.”
    I will not misbehave…

  7. 🙂 I was just goofin’ too you silly old bears.

    Not that I’m insinuating you’re old — I’m probably older.

    And, not saying you’re bears, although that would really be cool if you were. Polar bears would be kind of neat. The others have eyes too close together and look really Chainsaw Massacre-y.

  8. Dana Jean, I dare you to walk up to a grizzly and say that to his/her face.

    Meg, you look very happy in the photos so I take it you enjoyed the emceeing lark.

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