Reading and Writing Podcast interview

Hear me speak! Yes, I can string two sentences together extemporaneously! You can listen to Jeff Rutherford’s interview with me, recorded at ThrillerFest in New York — talking about Stephen King, The Memory Collector, women who write thrillers, and other scintillating topics.

Reading and Writing podcast interview.

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4 responses to “Reading and Writing Podcast interview

  1. An excellent interview. Enjoyed it.

  2. That was a great interview.

  3. I really enjoyed your interview. But, what was all the talking in the background? You guys weren’t at the mall food court, were you?

    Do you miss teaching?

  4. Dana Jean: The interview was recorded outside some conference rooms at the Hyatt in Manhattan, during ThrillerFest. Partway through, a number of discussion panels ended and people streamed out.

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