Grammar Armageddon

It’s said that the devil has the best songs. Apparently he has all the apostrophes, too.

To paraphrase Anne Lamott: When you’re convinced God hates all the same people you do, it’s a sign you’ve remade God in your own image.

I think I’m on this poster about eight times.

(Via The Rejectionist.)

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15 responses to “Grammar Armageddon

  1. I must say that the apostrophes only make me take this less seriously. I also found myself on here at least six times… 🙂

  2. Excuse me, I must be dumber than I thought, so I’ll ask: What exactly is ‘High Fullutent’?
    Oh, heavy sigh. Their Bible must be different than mine. Some members almost make me want to resign from the Fan Club…

  3. Whoever wrote this sign has no friends.
    I would also like to know what ‘High Fullutent’ is and are unsosphisticated swine ok?
    The apostrophe in Homo’s is allowed though right?

  4. I have to admit I’m on there only 3 times. Unless, of course, I’m a high fallutent sophisticated swine (which is probably anyone who understand’s the correct usage for apostrophe’s).

    Wondering, though…

    a) How do Racist’s and Gangster’s and Wifebeater’s rate inclusion on the list?

    b)How do they define Racist’s, without including themselve’s? Anyone who hate’s different people than they hate?

    c) What’s a P.K? Porn King?

    d) Does Jesus knows about this?

  5. I’m on that poster nine times, and still my greatest claim (being Orthodox) is not there. Ignorant jackasses. But you know what they say – the bigger the jackass, the louder the bray.

    PKs? Player Killers? I didn’t know whatsernames were gamer nerds too…

  6. I think I’m on the poster about 4 times. My best guess for P.K. is Preacher’s Kids–in my experience, can be some of the wildest ones, but not always, so, huh?
    Susan: I’m thinkin Jesus does know, and he cannot be too happy about it.

  7. What a bunch of MORON’S!! (apostrophe intentional)

  8. Seven times (well…six and a half) – I think M’s got us all beat.

    Whoever wrote that sign must be a religion of one. That’ll be a quiet weekly service.

  9. Wouldn’t Government Recipient’s be everyone except anarchists?

  10. OK High Fullutent must be someone who’s highfalutin.

    I’m damned to hell. I never knew it was a sin in the eyes of God to be a New Ager, a Democrat, an Environmentalist, a Liberal and a Sports Nut. I confess to being all of the above and I’ve been accuses of being a Sohisticated Swine on occasion.

    Meg’s still ahead so far.

  11. Ken: All I had to do to up my sin count was yell commentary at the TV involving women in sports, then recycle an aluminum can before listening to Paramore on my way to mass.

  12. Loudmouthed women?
    Effeminate men?

    I think this might give us a clue about the fellow who made the sign….

    And I think he meant Highly Flatulent. (No, maybe not, ’cause that would likely include him.)

  13. My score: 7-8, depending on their definitions.
    I too want to know what “P.K.’s”, “Sophisticated swine” and “High Fullutent” are.

    These folks skipped the “love thy neighbor” bit. I wonder how they’d get on with the Phelps clan…

  14. First, why don’t DRUGGIES get an apostrophe? Surely, they’d like one.

    Second, he/she/it missed an opportunity for an apostrophe–it should have been Baha’i’s (I get the hiccups just looking at that)

    Depending on definitions, my score was 7-9. Being Canadian, I can’t actually be a Democrat and, apparently, Anglican lesbians are God’s chosen people.

  15. Not sure if “High Fullutent” means “High Fallutin'”, or “Highly Flatulent”. Either way, I seem to get extra credit!

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