Bezbozni Svati: Czech China Lake

The Czech edition of China Lake has just arrived: Bezbozni Svati. And as always, I’m intrigued to see how various publishers design the jacket art. On this cover, Luke looks a bit young (and so correspondingly vulnerable) and Peter Wyoming creepily like Rasputin. Which isn’t inappropriate. And the cross looks sinister — like a stake.


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6 responses to “Bezbozni Svati: Czech China Lake

  1. Yes, excellent. Intriguing, with that Slavic twist on religion.

  2. Somewhere along the way, I lost count. Your novels have been translated into how many languages?

  3. Meg, Do you have a “best crime fiction that I read in 2009” list? see my blog

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  5. I know I’m a week late on this comment, but I’ve been losing sleep over it. And it’s the Czech version of your last name that concerns me.

    When the rave reviews come out, as I’m sure they will, what happens when a careless copy or headline editor takes something wonderful like, “Gardinerova rated highly in first book of Evan Delaney series.” and turns it into, “Gardinerova Rated?”

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