A tradgey, and comdey, in the mistaking

Misspelled tattoos.

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9 responses to “A tradgey, and comdey, in the mistaking

  1. Boy is Beautiful tradgedy going to be sorry in a few years time. Not only for the crappy spelling but also for putting such a crappy tattoo on her chest.

  2. Ken, that’s not her chest, it’s her lower back. Also known as a “tramp stamp”.

    Giving her the benefit of the doubt, perhaps it’s her subtle way of warning others that she’s diabetic? 😉

  3. Laughing out loud. Serusly?

  4. gargoyle, the “beautiful tradgedy” tattoo is clearly on the girl’s chest unless she’s a very accomplished contortionist. I agree the “sweet pee” tattoo could be referrred to as a “tramp stamp”.

  5. My apologies, you are correct. I didn’t follow the link this morning and so missed the other pic.

  6. Well, it could be true.

  7. Never got the point of tattoos. My mother did not raise me to be a billboard.

  8. I grew up in a time when tattoos were confined to the lower naval ranks, gangsters and other unsavoury characters and I still fail to see the point of illustrating one’s body.

  9. Meg – I believe that you have this all wrong. You should feel ashamed of yourself. This is obviously a hillbilly doctor’s version of a medi bracelet.

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