Top Ten low level fly-bys

For those of you who want me to write more about Brian Delaney, F/A-18 fighter pilot (I’m looking at you, Ms. Kendrick), I hope this video will hold you until his next appearance on the page. For anybody who has had a close encounter with high-velocity military aircraft, this will look familiar. For anybody who’s never seen the Blue Angels or felt a sonic boom — this is just a taster. The real thing is visceral and thrilling.

Oh, who am I kidding — I love things that go fast. A couple of years ago at the Farnborough Air Show, an F/A-18 took off from the runway and headed vertical with such a roar that dozens of car alarms began shrieking in the parking lot. And I laughed and cheered.

Yeah, these jets are awesome. And I’m fascinated by the people who fly them. That’s a big reason why I made Evan Delaney’s brother a naval aviator.

You have to put up with a few seconds of Tom Cruise, but once you get past Top Gun, it’s all real.

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4 responses to “Top Ten low level fly-bys

  1. I wish I had a $16M buck toy to play with.

  2. Stacy from Dayton

    Saw the Blue Angels and the AF Thunderbirds at the 2003 Dayton Air Show. Both acts don’t usually show in the same year, but that was the year we celebrated 100 years of flight (a big event around here, anyway). It was pretty awesome!

  3. That was one of the coolest videos I’ve ever seen. Thanks, Meg!

  4. And when IS Brian’s next appearance on the page? Is he going to appear in a Jo story? Bring it on, is what I say! Let’s have him making a dashing entrance (in uniform, of course)….

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