NPR nominates China Lake for Best 100 Thrillers Ever

My Stupid Dance around the kitchen resumes, now with added Surprised Face.

NPR has nominated a list of novels for the 100 Best Thrillers Ever — and China Lake is a finalist.

But! To make the final cut, China Lake has to be voted in. And that’s up to you. Yes, you, my loyal legions of flying monkeys my generous readers. Click on the link to vote for your 10 favorite thrillers. And don’t make me resort to the Ransom Note Generator, or to posting pathetic photos of myself, hands clenched in supplication, lip quivering like the little match girl halfway through that cold, cold night in the snow. Click on the link below, vote, lobby in the comments on the NPR site. Have at it.

Now back to the Stupid Dance.

“Killer Thrillers”: Vote For The 100 Best Ever.

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16 responses to “NPR nominates China Lake for Best 100 Thrillers Ever

  1. Darn it, I’ve done it.

    If only I’d hung on, I’m sure I could have got you to post that pathetic begging picture you clearly have ready. Or to provide the book blurb I need to secure an agent for my forthcoming bestseller, ‘Fish and Figs – an exploration of the dietary habits of Middle Eastern Coastal Dwellers’.

  2. What are the chances of your installing a webcam in the kitchen, Meg? These dances sound ever more enticing.

    Long may you have reason to dance.

  3. Okay, done. You and Stieg.

  4. Very cool. However, I wouldn’t mind seeing the little match girl face.

  5. Voted. What I don’t understand is how Cross Cut didn’t make the list. That one had me breathless.

  6. But..but…I worked so hard on my flying monkey costume!

    *sniff* I guess I can wear it while sitting at the computer.

  7. What a fabulous list of authors you keep company with these days! Wow. Seriously. Wow.

  8. Looks like loading all your books onto the New Releases table at Barnes & Noble caught someone’s eye at NPR…

  9. I was sent over there by a friend plumping for Adrian McKinty’s Dead I May Well Be, which I’d read. Then I saw China Lake, which I’d finished two nights earlier (my circulation still flowing at a higher rate than normal). Two easy votes; the other eight were harder but not impossible.

  10. Incredibly awesome, Meg!! We’re all so proud of you!

  11. voted (x5) to properly represent every member of the household ….. which ones did you vote for???

  12. Many thanks, everybody!

  13. I voted too! Besides Meg, I voted for Dracula, Last of the Mohicans, as well as Michael Crichton (Andromeda Strain, Jurassic Park) and Stephen King (The Stand, etc.).

  14. Done and done. I hope Rebecca gets in there.

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