The Jo Beckett series — who would you cast in the movie?

I’m writing an article for My Book, The Movie. The thesis is simple: If they make my book into a film, here’s who I’d like to play the lead role(s).

Of course I’m mulling and thinking and wondering about it. (Really. That’s why I need to look at photos of Brad Pitt and James Franco and Johnny Depp. No other reason.) And I’m curious whether anybody else has ideas. Jo? Gabe Quintana? Amy Tang? Skunk? Pray? Ian Kanan?

Mr. Peebles?

26 responses to “The Jo Beckett series — who would you cast in the movie?

  1. Casting for Jo may be difficult unless the producers toss out being faithful to the author’s art. That in mind, my first choice would be Jaime Murray. She has a slight exotic look and long dark hair. I think she’s about 33. Other choices might be Eliza Dushku or Summer Glau although they may be too young.
    Other suggestions:
    Ian McKanan: Timothy Oliphant
    Gabe Quintana: Daniel Sunjata
    Amy Tang: Nicole DeBoer
    Mr. Peebles: Chris Kattan

  2. Rich, excellent choice for Mr. Peebles!

  3. Age is an obstacle for me, too. I like Angie Harmon for Jo, and Lou Diamond Phillips for Gabe. But what about Ferd?

  4. I’ve always pictured Carla Gugino as Jo. Strong, smart, tenacious. I think she’d play the part well. As for Gabe…I was thinking Michael Pena. Rich is right about Timothy Olyphant for Kanan. He’s an excellent choice.

  5. Ahem…..did I not extract a promise from you many moons ago that I could have a”bit” part when one of your works becomes a movie? I’m assuming that you’ll do the screenwriting – so I’d like to be the (still) glamorous red-headed, slightly whacky distant relative of Jo’s. Or a waitress. Or a suspect. Or…..well, ANYTHING, REALLY!

  6. Wait a minute, wait a minute. I did not see that whacky, screechy secretary Dana Jean on your list.


    Maybe an actual banana could play Dana Jean.

    I like the lead guy from Burn Notice to play Kanan. The others are hard to pick.

  7. Tasia McFarland = Madonna. I’m still working on the others. But I think Madonna is perfect to play Tasia.

  8. She might be a bit expensive!

  9. I don’t know about that, Husband. Isn’t that considered typecasting, putting a has been in the role of a has been?
    Oh, as for the role of Amy Tang. There is a real shortage of Chinese actresses so I picked Nicole deBoer for no other reason than the fact I drew a complete blank. Kind of like replying to a Jeopardy question about great women with “Who has never been in my kitchen?” ala Cliff Clavan. However, reading about Grace Park in the silly revival of Hawaii 5-0, I would change my vote to her. She was really good in BSG.
    By the way, would this film be for a TV project or a big screen adaptation?

  10. Agreed, Rich, on both counts, although Grace Park is 5’9″, but nothing camera angles can’t fix. However, I believe Husband is on to something. Lady Gaga has been called the updated version of Madonna, so….
    Tasia McFarland= Lady Gaga!
    Don’t tell me that Lady Gaga won’t be believable as an unmedicated bipolar! πŸ™‚

  11. I’m available to play Tasia McFarland. I know how to blow on a pistol and have no fear of ziplines. How ’bout it?

    Well, then, how about Amy Tang? I’m short and makeup can work wonders around the eyes. I could kick butt as Amy. You know I could.

  12. LOL, Monita. I am convinced now that Meg’s fan club is rooted in a marvelous sense of humor. I have only seen Lady Gaga once on the opening of an awards show singing with Elton John. I could not understand a single word she sang. I have truly turned into my father. However, I did like her songs as done on Glee so one of these days I do have to buy one of her CDs.
    Snart, you should post a demo of The Liar’s Lullaby for consideration. :>)

  13. Oh! And how about Dana Jean, played by…herself!

  14. I don’t know who’s best, but I think someone like Maggie Gyllenhaal might be good for Jo. Maybe Emily Blunt if you could get her to pout less.

    For Ferd, I picture Mike White. (If you didn’t see the Overturn Prop 8 commercial he did with Justin Long, it’s definitely worth a look.)

    For Quintana, maybe Hank’s partner on Breaking Bad. Come to think of it, if you darkened his hair, Aaron Paul from the same show might make an excellent Jesse . . . but now I’m drifting to other books.

  15. Okay, I saw a rerun of a Graham Norton show last night, from Dec. 09, and think that Annie Lennox would be great as Tasia. A little older than she is portrayed, but Annie could definitely pull it off.

    And Rich, I’m afraid I can’t audition. Copyright and all. But thanks for the suggestion. Maybe I’ll corner Meg O’Death some day and make her listen to me!

  16. I’m loving these suggestions. Especially Chris Kattan as Mr. Peebles.

    Sharon: Of course you will have a role in the movie. I don’t reneg on my promises.

    And when I put on “Jo Beckett: The Musical” in my dad’s barn, it will star Dana Jean as herself and Snart in dual roles as Tasia McFarland and Amy Tang… she’ll be investigating her own death.

  17. I still vote Madonna for Tasia. First of all I think that Tasia is a complex interesting woman. Not a young 20something gal but a woman that has been through a lot. Remember she’s on the comeback trail. Madonna is close to the right age for Tasia and she can sure sing the parts and do her own stunts. Oh and I love Lou Diamond Phillips for Gabe – well done Monita.

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  19. OK, Husband, I’ll give you Madonna. But then, I say:
    Sean Penn for President!

  20. Monita – ooh I like Sean – could be great for tension on the set.
    But I was thinking – Robert McFarland – Denzel Washington
    Jo Beckett – Mila Kunis

    Think outside the box πŸ˜‰

  21. I was also thinking about Jennifer Connelly as Jo. She definitely has the acting chops to get the job done.

  22. Okay, so I know I’m jumping on the bandwagon a bit late on this one, but….

    For Gabe, I think Daniel Sunjata is not a bad choice (assuming that Javier Bardem is too old) or possibly Nicholas Gonzalez (but don’t know really how strong an actor he is). For Jo, Jennifer Connolly is interesting or – work with me here – how about Anne Hathaway? Too much of a stretch? She has, of course, worked with Daniel Sunjata before (Devil Wears Prada). She can do serious roles while still pulling off one liners… I’m telling you she’s a real possibility. As for Amy Tang, my first thought was Lucy Liu, but then my husband suggested Sandra Oh (although she’s Korean/Canadian I think). As for Ferd, well, Jonah Hill maybe?

  23. How about Benjamin Bratt for Gabe? Lucy Liu would make a good Tang but is probably older than written. President McFarland.. Gary Cole!

  24. Rose Byrne. That’s Jo. At least she’s the closest I can think of. (Yes, it’s terrible to still have this in the back of one’s brain days after the question was asked.)

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