Random thoughts: Nostradamus, Illuminati, Guns N’ Roses

Random thoughts that occur to me as I fold laundry while the TV babbles in the background:

1. To answer the question being asked every fifteen minutes by the Discovery Channel: No, Nostradamus did not predict 9/11. Or, for that matter, WWII, or Michael Jackson’s death. So please stop asking.

2. If the Illuminati existed, and had ties to freemasonry — as suggested on National Geographic — I can see how they’d try to hide this super-secret existence from the world. But I don’t think such a secretive organization would try to stay “hidden” by printing their super-duper-ΓΌber-secret symbols on pieces of paper we all carry in our back pockets. And, dude, by flashing a dollar bill at the camera, you have not proved how very clandestine and cagey the Illuminati are.

3. After watching walking through the room while a Guns N’ Roses documentary airs on TV, I’ve decided that Slash is like The Stig — we can’t possibly know who’s behind the costume. I mean, come on — the top hat, the sunglasses, the curly hair in his face: there could have been five or ten different guitarists playing that Les Paul. When one collapsed backstage under a pile of empty Southern Comfort bottles, or spontaneously combusted during the “November Rain” guitar solo, the band just stuck somebody new in the outfit and shoved him onstage.

4. On the subject of Guns N’ Roses: the next time Axl Rose takes fifteen years to produce an album because his artistic integrity is so demanding and incorruptible… remember this video.

6 responses to “Random thoughts: Nostradamus, Illuminati, Guns N’ Roses

  1. I wish I could drive like The Stig! πŸ˜€ (love that show)

    P.S: Hi Meg, we haven’t actually ‘met’ as yet. You have Dana Jean to thank (or not) for pointing me in this direction. I come from a land Down Under (NZ) and am also one of those Stephen King-a-lings she was mentioning earlier.
    Your books were recommended to me by Ms Mod over at Stephen’s site and I’m currently on The Dirty Secrets Club. (I’ve just finished the Evan Delaney series… looooved it!) I’m so happy to have found your work! πŸ™‚

    (Ahem… sorry about heading off track, I wasn’t sure where I could say ‘how do you do?’)

  2. Conspiracy theorist beware, the entire known universe is merely a collection of random atoms in a table leg which in turn is part of a universe which is merely a collection of random atoms in a table leg which in turn is merely…. and so on ad infinitum.

  3. Hooked On Phonics seems to have worked wonders for Axl…well, he certainly knows his vowels at any rate.
    Somewhere between integrity, and somehow slidin’ “sometimes Y” at the end of a chorus, has gotta be a huge wait on his shoulders.
    Sesame Street awaits is what I’m sayin’, it’s for the children.

  4. That was my favorite post thus far. πŸ™‚

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