In the meantime… seen any good movies lately?

Contest 2010 winners will be announced imminently. Meanwhile, I’m revising The Nightmare Thief and laying traps for the phone company engineer O2 has — supposedly — dispatched to repair our DSL line and end the Broadband Death-match. If this guy actually shows, he isn’t getting out of here until the problem is solved. I need me my broadband. Bad. Oh, and I have a contract that requires O2 to provide it.

In the meantime, what’s the best movie everybody’s seen lately? I saw The Town last week and thought it was terrific — suspenseful, compelling, gritty, and believable. Still, the best film I’ve seen this year is Inception.


16 responses to “In the meantime… seen any good movies lately?

  1. Meg! This could spark a whole new series…

    “Death by DSL”
    “Revenge of the Router”
    “Murder by Modem”
    “When Good Broadband Goes Bad”

    On movies: We really don’t get to the flicks very often. (I think the last thing I saw on the big screen was probably LOTR’s III – I know, makes me sound very backwater, huh?)
    We usually see things once they’re released onto DVD. I did watch two movies at home last week – the first was Avatar, which I thought wasn’t too bad – the kids loved it. The second was The Time Travelers Wife, I really liked this one… but it was very sad.
    I am longing to see Inception. People everywhere are talking about it, I’m not sure when we’ll be able to get it though.

  2. I saw a great foreign film a couple of weeks ago called “The Secret In Their Eyes”. I think it was made in Argentina. I thought it was excellent.

    My Netflix addiction will only get worse during the winter months…

  3. Inception was the last “go to the movies” film I saw. LOVED it. Saw The Girl Who Played With Fire at an indie theater back in August. It was OK but annoying with some of the director’s inattention to details. It reinforced my belief that movie people should not play with novels. While a very talented few can do it, most can not adapt a book to film. This is why every author should get veto power like J. K. Rowling did.

  4. We saw “The Town” and really enjoyed it. Lots of good work done there.

    We tried watching a couple different movies on a recent flight but the system was buggy and would lock up, so no “A-Team” for us. What?

    Otherwise, the last movie we saw in theaters was “Machete”. Whoa. Parts of it were Over. The. Top. Interesting seeing Steven Seagal play a bad guy. And Danny Trejo’s face is something I could look at for days.

  5. Haven’t seen anything good lately… but counting the days until “Secretariat” comes out!!!

  6. Meg, Meg, Meg…. I’m sorry, but ‘Inception’ was the biggest load of irritating twaddle I have sat through in a long time – looked mildly interesting, but that could not make up for the ridiculous story, sub-standard dialogue… I could go on and on, but I feel my blood boiling even as I type this.

    • As I recall, you also dissed Avatar. We may have to come to blows. Or just agree to disagree.

      But come on, you have to admit Leo looked stunning in that suit.

  7. Inception for me. And I thought it was really interesting.

    Waiting for the next Harry Potter.

  8. Made in Dagenham. Bob Hoskins et al, the story of the strike of machinists at Ford’s Dagenham and the start of the equal pay for women movement in strength. Good stuff.

  9. Haven’t been to a movie since “Inception,” though I’ve dreamed of going. Did watch two AFI Top 100 Films on DVD: “Chinatown” and “Dr. Strangelove.” Glad I’ve now seen them both. Enjoyed reading about what’s significant about them. Doubt I’ll need to see either again soon.

  10. I saw a really interesting movie called Imminently. It was sort of Kafkaesque. 😉

    I’d like to see The Town and The Social Network. I imagine going to the movies, but time impedes.

  11. And obviously I have some learning to do when it comes to HTML tags.

  12. Try and see THE SECRETS IN THEIR EYES – brilliant thriller, set in Argentina.

  13. DSL? Dude, get cable.

  14. Cold Cable Crime Scene, best movie ever
    shoutout to the first comment 🙂

    watch Cocaine Cowbwoys 2, awesome

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