Santa Barbara: behind the scenes

I’m in my hometown — land of Evan Delaney and, now, of Barney, the star of Contest 2010. So here are some photos.

Here’s a shot taken at Brophy Brothers seafood at the Santa Barbara marina. This is the balcony where Evan, Jesse Blackburn, and Adam Sandoval celebrate the arrest of the man wanted in the hit-and-run wreck in Mission Canyon.

Here’s another shot of the marina. It was a stormy sunset, and the sea urchin boats were unloading their catch.

And here, up close and personal, are Barney and his fellow rescue dog and life partner (in Chihuahua madness) Monty. I feel so privileged that these international blog stars let me hold them on my lap.

And here is an Internet Jedi performing feats of derring-do. So that I can blog wirelessly from anywhere in the Mom’s house now. Feel the Force, young padawans!

It’s great to be here.

9 responses to “Santa Barbara: behind the scenes

  1. You look happy, as do Monty and Barney. I’m so glad you are getting to re-energize.

  2. Terrific pictures. Thank you so much for including us in your travels.

  3. Medic! We have a Jedi down!

    Great pictures! Thanks, Meg!

  4. Thanks, Meg these are wonderful photos! It is really great getting to see the pictures behind the stories, especially for someone who hasn’t ever visited the States before.
    (I also checked out some of the pictures over at your Facebook page, really excellent stuff!)

  5. Those dogs are star struck.

  6. Ladies (and gentlemen), look up at Meg’s photos above. Now look at my head shot to the right of this post. These two people graduated high school in the same class and, therefore, are presumably within a few months of the same age. And they did this in the very place pictured in these brand new photos. Now look back up at Meg. Now back to me. Now Meg. Then me. My photo was taken several years ago. I was in a studio. There was favorable lighting.

    Why, then, WHY, I ask you, does she still look exactly like she did in high school, and I look like a slightly better-trimmed, but no trimmer, Santa? And I USE Old Spice. (I’m on horse tranquilizers.)

  7. And Ron, having had the privilege of meeting Meg, I can confirm there are no Photoshop tricks here!

    Life does play some interesting tricks on us though. Both my father (69) and grandfather (94) have a darn site more hair than I had ten years ago. 🙄

    Looks like you’re having a great time, Meg.

  8. Thanks for sharing, Meg. Nice to see Barney and Monty.

    And isn’t that the mechanical whatnot in the harbour picture (sans horse?)

  9. Yes, Ron, Mother Time is definately on Meg’s side !!! Nice calves, Paul…..

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