My Book, The Movie — the Jo Beckett series

Back in August, I asked who you’d cast in a movie version of the Jo Beckett series. Now my own answers are up at My Book, The Movie, where I have some fun casting fantastical screen editions of Jo and her friends.

I’m outside the box, thinking.

The characters in the Jo Beckett series live vividly, and sometimes obstreperously, inside my head. I know what they look like. So do readers—when I asked them who should play the characters in the movie, I got twenty-five different answers.

So, how can I pick a single cast? In this era of HD, 3D, avatars and performance capture, why collapse the possibilities to a single face? Let’s not. I’m casting Jo Beckett, The Movie with a few mashups.

Jo is a forensic psychiatrist—a deadshrinker. The Kirkus Mystery and Thriller Review called her a “rock climber, monkey wrangler, and confessor extraordinaire.” She needs spunk, intelligence, and some serious physicality.

Read the rest.

And here’s a special thank you to Marshal Zeringue, who runs the Campaign for the American Reader and all the blogs in the Campaign’s network, including The Page 69 Test, Writers Read, and The Page 99 Test, along with My Book, The Movie. The CftAR network is a treasure trove of fresh and intriguing information about authors and their books.

One response to “My Book, The Movie — the Jo Beckett series

  1. Well, if you’re going to go that far outside the box, you don’t even have to limit yourself to contemporary actors – or even English speaking actors – or even genders. You could make Tang a cross between Grace Park and Ken Jeong. Gabe a cross between a young Ricardo Montalban and Matt Damon (with a dash of Fred Astaire). Ferd a cross between Mike White and Peter Lorre. (And now we can ask Andy Serkis to motion capture Mr. Peebles! Hell, we could ask Humphrey Bogart to motion capture Mr. Peebles!) I don’t know, but the possibilities are disturbingly endless. I shudder to think what shall now be unleashed…

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