San Francisco: the perfect crime scene

Here’s a tribute to San Francisco and the classic crime movies set in the city. The film was made by Serena Bramble and screened at the opening ceremonies of this year’s Bouchercon.

And if you didn’t understand why I love San Francisco and set the Jo Beckett novels there, this ought to help.

(Via Janet Rudolph.)

2 responses to “San Francisco: the perfect crime scene

  1. That was excellent. I never realized how many truly great films take place in San Francisco. Seeing that video really brought it home.

    In Meg’s “Jo Beckett” novels (and in many of the films), the city itself becomes a character. The first example that comes to mind is the adrenaline-amped part in “The Dirty Secrets Club” that takes place on the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s one of those gripping ‘scenes’ that becomes unforgettable.

    In my eyes, your love of The City by the Bay is crystal clear, Meg.

  2. Great movies, great actors and actresses, great city.

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