Mardi Gras: bake that baby!

While I stumble around crazed with jet lag after flying back from SleuthFest (so long, Florida!) here’s something to entertain you while you party and stuff your faces for Mardi Gras. Because I know that tomorrow you’ll all be fasting for Ash Wednesday. Right?

Cake Wrecks has a full explanation of Mardi Gras King Cakes and the baked-in-baby-doll tradition, plus more photos of cakes gone bad.

And, gah — this has just reminded me to think of something I should give up for Lent.

4 responses to “Mardi Gras: bake that baby!

  1. I just learned that getting old means once past 59 years of age, fasting is no longer a necessity. Take that Fat Tuesday and let’s move on to Fatter Wednesday. :>)

  2. I think I just had a heart attack looking at those cakes!! deep fried!!! woohoo!

  3. “Welcome to Mardi Gras, or as we call it in New Orleans, Sheen For A Day.”

  4. Safety first, that’s sometimes our motto!
    So I gave up baking non edible babies in cakes, and wouldn’t you know it, the edible one are no less a choking hazard, so be forewarned.

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