For Lent: no complaining

In past years, I’ve given up snark for Lent. This proved inspirational, and fun, and thought-provoking. And really fricking difficult. So this year I’m taking it a step further. I’m giving up complaining. (For Lent. Just for Lent. My God, do you think I’m inhuman?)

And this morning the Husband went to pick up our car from its annual service. While he was signing the paperwork, another car rammed ours in the dealership parking lot.

Anybody who says the Universe has no sense of humor hasn’t looked hard enough.

5 responses to “For Lent: no complaining

  1. Oh my lord, no one was hurt, were they? Was your car bleeding from 3 orifices? Do you get a new car out of it?

  2. Nobody was hurt. Our car was bigger, so just got a bit crunched. The other car managed to rip its bumper clean off.

    The dealership was mortified. And insured.

  3. ahahahahahaha! Universe is laughing! Wicked universe. (Glad to hear no one hurt and the other car more severely injured. Stiff upper lip, ol’ girl!)

  4. I’m glad no cars were mortally wounded. In a gentler and more delightful universe (snark free), I was finishing “The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie” (Alan Bradley) and as always perused the acknowledgements. There was one to “Meg Gardiner, Chris High and Ann Cleeves for making me feel as if I’d known them all my life.” It’s hardly surprising, but worthy of note, kudos, and pats on the back, Meg.

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