“If I do a mistake, I fall off.”

Ueli Steck sets the record for speed solo climbing the North Face of the Eiger.

Not only is this beautiful, and terrifying, it’s awe-inspiring. That mountain is a beast, and magnificent. The town briefly glimpsed in the film is 11,000 feet below the summit.

I tell myself I read books and watch films about climbing because my heroine Jo Beckett is a climber. And I do. But it’s also because these are incredible accomplishments.

Two hours, forty-seven minutes? Teams of people have spent days attempting that climb.

The music is “Welcome Home” by Radical Face. Which this freaking mountain has.

9 responses to ““If I do a mistake, I fall off.”

  1. Sign that boy up for “Ninja Warrior”

  2. That record is absolutely an incredible accomplishment. I’m sure it will stand for quite some time.

    One of my favorite movies about climbing the Eiger is a German film from 2008 called “Nordwand” (North Face).

    • The story told in “Nordwand” is one of daring and tragedy — it’s both thrilling and heartbreaking.

      And the mountain remains every inch as dangerous today. That’s why this video simply stuns me.

  3. And I’ll bet that isn’t a parachute in his backpack. My heart lurched at times just from watching the 4 x 2 inch video.

  4. So once you annihilate a record, what’s to come after you? Amazing!

    And I just kept praying that the cornice wouldn’t give way beneath him!

    Dan, I remember “Nordwand.” Good movie!

    This is why mankind is at the top of the heap!

  5. At 2:39, the camera shot looked like a sand crab climbing a dune.

    And, there was a shot or two in there that were so disorienting, I couldn’t tell which was the ground and which was the sky, it was all just a swirl.

    Very beautiful and what an achievement. I live vicariously through people like this. For those about to climb rock, I salute you.

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