Royal Wedding week

It’s Royal Wedding week. For me, this means it’s officially a three-day work week around these parts. Monday (Easter Monday) and Friday (Royal Wedding) are national bank holidays. But of course I’ll be working as your official American thriller writing correspondent for the marriage of HRH Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton. I’ve been asked by readers of this blog to give you the view from the British street. It’ll be my pleasure. As a Californian with Oklahoma roots, nobody’s better placed to explain Britain that than I am.

(Thanks to Rich for the link to Papa John’s Royal Wedding pizza.)

7 responses to “Royal Wedding week

  1. Ooooooh, I wish I were going to be in a place with a TV or internet or even a phone on Friday. I wonder if I can get my VCR to extend to the entire event.

  2. Cannot wait. Have my tea and crumpets and a large floppy hat. Shall be Skyping with my daughter (I’ll be in Littleton, CO) during the festivities (or reruns, anyway).

    Keep calm and carry on!

  3. I am very excited. I want the oddest tidbits you can find.

  4. Read yesterday that the royal shindig will cost $50 billion when you figure in the missed work on Friday. Was Westminster Abbey booked on Saturday? Plan to TiVo the festivities and tune in to CNN’s Piers Morgan’s commentary . . . as well as your Yankee ex-pat/Oakie on-the-street perspective, Meg!

  5. I assume my International fellow blog contributors have seen the dress rehearsal video? If not, here it is:

  6. Good grief.

  7. I just ordered a pizza. It did not not like the one in the photo. But it tasted good 🙂


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