The Liar’s Lullaby: Guardian review

The British paperback edition of The Liar’s Lullaby will be published in a few weeks. Here’s the cool and mysterious new cover. And below that is the cool review from the Guardian.

Joanna Hines writes:

“A fine symmetry bookends The Liar’s Lullaby. In the opening scene, Tasia McFarland, out-of-control, bipolar singer-songwriter and former wife of the US president, makes a dramatic entry on a stage on a zip-line; at the end Jo Beckett, forensic psychiatrist to San Francisco police department, body-rappels from a fifth floor window to escape a couple of crazed assassins. The first high wire act ends in carnage, the final one in rescue. Action scenes like these are full of just the kind of detailed, nail-biting drama that Gardiner does so well… Gardiner is brilliant at making the highly implausible convincing, and switches effortlessly from high tension to tenderness and heartache.”

And yes, that has flat-out made my Saturday morning.

8 responses to “The Liar’s Lullaby: Guardian review

  1. The cover is very cool and the review even better, congratulations!

  2. Better late than never, but is there some kind of protocol about book releases and review timing?

    I’m looking forward to what The Guardian has to say about the Gutenberg Bible.

  3. Just brilliant.

    Have the winners of the contest received their books yet? I want to fish for information.

  4. Kewl!
    Two big “Even Cowgirls Get The Blues” sized thumbs up!

  5. It should make your morning–way to go!

  6. Thanks, guys.

    Ron: The British papers will sometimes review a book when it’s released in a new edition — in this case, mass market paperback.

  7. My copy arrived today and I really love the cover, it looks even better being held in my hands. As soon as the Champion’s League final is over I’m digging striaght in.

    Thanks for the book Meg and Meg’s publishers. 😀

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