Read the first chapter of The Nightmare Thief online

The Nightmare Thief will be published in the UK on June 9th. That’s just over two weeks away. For folks in Britain, it’s fifteen days until Jo Beckett and Evan Delaney go up against a gang of kidnappers who are out for more than ransom.

To pique your interest — which is a cagy way of saying I want to drive you so mad with curiosity that you’ll not only order the book right now, you’ll spend the night before it’s released standing outside your local bookstore beating on the windows like hungry zombies — the first chapter of the novel has now been posted at my website.

Here’s how it opens:

The young trader stumbled from the trees like a scarecrow running on legs of straw. Her suit was muddy, her blouse torn, her sleek Asian hair matted with pine needles. She ran into the street directly in front of Autumn Reiniger’s BMW.

Autumn braked. “Oh, man.”

The trader glanced at her but didn’t break stride. With one arm she clutched a battered lockbox. The other arm she cradled to her chest, protecting what looked to Autumn like a broken wrist.

This was the place. Fun city.

Read the rest. Go on.

UPDATE. Comment of the week, from DJ Paterson: “Mmmm… Demimonde.”

10 responses to “Read the first chapter of The Nightmare Thief online

  1. I’m insane with anticipation. Crazy insane.

    I admit it. I’m a thriller junkie and Meg manufactures my drug of choice.

    This is my cry for help.

  2. I’m made of sterner stuff. The cunning vixen will not entice me. Twitch. Sits on hands.

  3. *hugely excited squeal* 😳 Well that was embarrassing!

    So Meg, I’m tossin’ up whether or not to start another round of The Dark Tower series, but seeing as I’m not very good at intermingling my stories; would you recommend that perhaps I should hold off for a bit?
    Okay, that was really a (very poorly disguised) question about when I might hope to be dancing for joy at my letterbox?

    • Flakes: As a contest winner, you’ll be among the first to get a copy once they arrive from the printer. But I’ll still have to put your copy in the mail. And send it allllll the way around the planet. Judge your reading choices accordingly. 🙂

  4. Hi Meg

    You are evil 😛 I refuse to read the first chapter now, I want to get the book and read it from end to end.

    But the wait is hard…


  5. Aaargghhh.
    Too busy to download and read. Working 14 hours a day. And (supposed to be) studying.


    Mmmm… Demimonde.

  6. Tease.

    Tease some more.

    Poke readers with sticks.


  7. I have just finished reading Hell’s Bells by John Connolly. Like The Nightmare Thief, I ordered this from Amazon.UK and am thrilled that I get to beat out most of America for this advantage. Why do American publishers find it fun to annoy readers in this country with separate release dates? I am also wondering if I can write reviews for Amazon before it’s released to the world at large. I’ll give it a try. Anyone else in America that will get the novel here early?

  8. Mmmm mmm that was some Megilicious!…oh yes please, I believe I’ll be needing more.

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