The Liar’s Lullaby: a music video

Next week The Liar’s Lullaby will be published in paperback. The novel’s about the death of a singer, in front of 40,000 fans at a stadium concert — a singer who’s the ex-wife of the President of the United States. And the night before she dies, Tasia McFarland writes a song foretelling her death, and warning that if she’s killed, she’ll only be the first.

Here’s the song, and a new music video. Take a look.

And yes, both the song and the video are by the Husband, Paul Shreve.

UPDATE: I’ve got to mention that Goose Creek Music has chosen the song for its “Best of” compilation disk. Yeah, I’m proud of the Husband.

2 responses to “The Liar’s Lullaby: a music video

  1. Nicely done! I like the video…cool imagery. It’s stark, yet suggestive. Mysterious and almost brooding – and it fits the music & lyrics like a puzzle-piece.

  2. I love that song. Great job Mr. Shreve.

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