Word game: Sitcom novels

It’s Saturday afternoon, so let me shamelessly crib this game from Twitter. Come up with crossover titles that mash up sitcoms and novels. You know, like Anne of Green Acres. Or Fear and Loathing in Mayberry, RFD.

Or Married, with Children of the Corn.

Go on.

44 responses to “Word game: Sitcom novels

  1. The Third Rock from the Sun Also Rises
    Two and a Half Children of Men
    Brave Newhart World
    The Killer Inside Me Loves Lucy
    The Philip K. Dick Van Dyke Show

  2. The M.A.S.H.ian Chronicles, by Charles Winchester III

  3. Excellent, Jason.

    The Fall of the House of Urkel

  4. The Moby Dick Van Dyke Show

    Seize the Happy Day

    A Death in the Modern Family

  5. Designing Little Women
    Full House of Seven Gables
    A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Night Court
    One Day at a Time to Kill
    Punky Brewster’s Millions
    For Whom the Saved by the Bell Tolls
    The Facts of Life of Pi

  6. Mike and Moll(y) Flanders
    That Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
    Three Musketeers is Company

  7. Everybody Loves Raymond Chandler!
    Are You Being There Served?
    Three’s Company on the Beach

  8. Sanford and Son Also Rises
    Lolita House on the Prairie (I don’t think that qualifies…)
    I, Maudius
    Slaughterhouse, Five-Oh (Again, bending the rules.)
    My Favorite Martian Chronicles
    On The Rhoda

  9. WKRP In Winesburg, Ohio
    A Portrait of Gomer Pyle as a Young Man
    The Adventures of Augie & Harriet March
    Anne of Green Acres
    The Fresh Prince of Tides
    Chico and the Invisible Man

    • Just realized I ripped off Anne of Green Acres from your intro, above, Meg. Clearly, I’m an Arnold Ziffel.

  10. The Jefferson Also Rises (“Movin’ on Up”)
    Charles in Charge of the Light Brigade (okay, a poem)
    Roseanne of Green Gables
    The Good Times Machine

  11. These are wonderful.

    I Love Lucy in the Time of Cholera.

  12. Laverne and Shirley Confidential
    Full Bleak House
    No Country for Old Designing Women

  13. Car 1984, Where Are You?

  14. Dancing with the Star Trek
    Land of the Giant Army Wives
    Nurse Jackie Gleason
    Golden Girls Bones
    House Hunters: The Price Is Right
    Altered States of Tara
    The Riches of Bel Air
    Grizzly Adamms Family

  15. Jurassic Parks and Recreation

  16. WKRP in Cincinnati, Claudius – with Tiberius Fever and Lavinia Flytrap

  17. You’ll Like My Mother the Car
    or How I Met Your Mother the Car
    Sanford & Native Son
    Addams Family Ties

  18. Love in the Time of Cholera, American Style

  19. Boy Meets World According to Garp
    The Island of Mary Tyler Mooreau
    and . . . (sorry)
    First Men in the Honeymooners

  20. Ai! Off line for the weekend, and 23 comments behind. And it’s after midnight in Toronto the Good.

    These are all wonderful and I’m jealous of all that brainpower that’s being exerted. I think I’ll have to go to bed and lie awake to let the ideas gell.

    Oh wait, wait…. Here’s one:
    Captain Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

  21. iCarly, Robot (gee is there a young adolescent in the house?)
    Big Bang the Drum Slowly Theory
    Malcolm in the Middlemarch

  22. Riffing off of Jason: The Honeymooner is a Harsh Mistress

  23. The Hunt for Red Skelton

  24. Agent to Dancing With the Stars

  25. Fabulous.

    Fahrenheit 90210.

  26. ALFie
    Gilligan’s Desolation Island
    The Ghost Soldiers and Mrs Muir

  27. Fun with Moby Dick and Jane
    The Smothers Brothers Karamazov
    The Fawlty Towering Inferno
    The Full House of Usher
    Everybody Loves Raymond Chandler
    License to Kill a Mockingbird

  28. Ender’s Baseball Game of the Week

  29. Sex and the City and the City

  30. The Days and Nights of the Hunter Molly Dodd

  31. Fawlty Two Towers

  32. As I continued to see e-mail updates of new posts during the day today at work, people might have reacted with concern to my sudden outbursts of laughter at all of your wonderful ideas. Fortunately, I do, actually, work for an organization that serves people with mental illnesses, so I didn’t stand out so much.

    Catch Room 22(2)
    The Mr. Eds of Avalon
    Howards FriENDs
    Look Homeward Improvement
    The Wonder Years of Solitude

  33. The Collected Father Murphy Brown Stories
    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Hearts Afire
    Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince of Bel-Air
    Leave It to Beaver, by Stephen King (“Gee, Wally – everything floats down here . . .”)
    Barney Miller’s Tale

  34. Father Knows Watership Down Best

  35. Tuesdays with Maury Povich Show

  36. The Golden Girls Bowl (I’m sure they did!)
    The Vicar of Dibley and Wakefield (two-point parish)

    Ron–loved Howard’s FriEnds.

  37. This breaks the rules, but I suppose we’re coming to the end of this anyway:
    The Many Strange Loves of Martha Ivers and Dobie Gillis.
    (The Strange Love of Martha Ivers should have been a book, dammit.)

  38. The Nightmare Thief on Elm Street
    (Yeah a movie, I know… *hangs head*)

    You guys are amazing at this!

  39. The Man from U.NC.L.E. Tom’s Cabin
    It’s About Time Traveler’s Wife (Terrible comedy time traveling show on Sunday Nights)
    Run For Your Life of PI

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