Crime Time article: designer thrills, designer disaster

Would you pay $1200 to be kidnapped, for kicks? Some folks will, apparently — and “adventure” companies are happy to take their money and grab them off the street.

That’s what gave me the idea for The Nightmare Thief, as I tell Crime Time magazine:

Last year I read about a company that sells “designer thrills” to adrenaline junkies. For €900, Ultime Reality will kidnap you. For a few thousand euros more, they’ll take you on a helicopter chase or let you spend a night in a morgue. They’re even willing to bury you alive.

My jaw dropped. Apparently, people who have everything now want custom psychodramas and the sensation of facing their worst nightmare.

I wondered who would buy a tailor-made disaster. Are people so numb that skydiving and swimming with sharks can’t excite them? Has modern life made us so desperate for thrills that we’ll pay to be terrorised and victimised?

It sounded bizarre. Stupid. And, let’s face it: exciting.

Read the rest: The Nightmare Thief and Designer Thrills.

3 responses to “Crime Time article: designer thrills, designer disaster

  1. Now I’m even more psyched knowing my copy will get here long before the American publishers say I can have it. I will be sitting down to read this the day it arrives.

  2. Folks is just plumb crazy, ain’t they?
    And here I was thinkin’, for about a thousand ducats it might be a refreshingly novel idea to stick somebody in an old bread truck buried in the woods for the time of their of a life, experiencing my PatTheHat Faux Behavior Modification Programming (PATent Pending)…included of course, is the the stale white bread, and warm hose water all inclusive package 😉 .
    Now if I could only come up with that extra grand, so as to sang me my inaugural vi…uhh, customer.
    (well, y’all know what they say, everything ain’t just about makin’ money, sometimes it’s just about some good ol’ fashioned behavior modification…um, faux behavior modificatin’, that is 🙂 )

  3. Amazon.UK has informed me that my copy of “The Nightmare Thief” is on its way.

    I’ll be waiting by the mailbox at the end of my drive until it arrives. If the letter carrier thinks I’m strange…well, that’s his problem.

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