Bizarre “choose your own adventure” books

Priceless. And awful.

The Most Bizarre ’80s Choose Your Own Adventure-Style Books.

Here’s “The Hunting Safari”:

[Y]ou’re following “missionary kids” on their way to Africa! To spread the word of God! Because, of course, Africa is a dark morass of savagery full of “rabid dogs,” “venom-spitting cobras,” “poisonous fish,” and natives who need nothing more than yet another proselytising white interloper to offer a bit of spiritual guidance.

“Create Your Own Erotic Fantasy: The Classics Professor” also sounds amazing. Where amazing means You gotta be kidding me… a Classics professor?

I’m still shuddering.

2 responses to “Bizarre “choose your own adventure” books

  1. The thought of choosing your own erotic adventure with a Classics professor leaves you shuddering? Was that really the word you meant to use there?

  2. I would have bought one of these if it’d known it was available. I was a huge fan of Harry Harrison’s The Stainless Steel Rat as a fourteen-year-old in the early eighties. 🙂

    The last book in the collection Escape from the Holocaust was written by Kenneth Roseman. I was interested to see if I could see what else he’d written, or if I could find anything else out about him. He appears to have authored a number of Jewish based books, and unless I’m mistaken, he’s a Rabbi:

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