CWA Young Crime Writer of the Year 2011

Congratulations to Claudia Hyde, 2011 winner of the Crime Writers’ Association Young Crime Writer of the Year competition. It was my pleasure to be invited to the reception at which she learned she’d won. And it was wonderful to see her eyes pop with surprise when she realized she wasn’t actually on a day out with her mom and sister, but being presented with a national award.

Diane Janes (on the left in the photo above) coordinated the competition and arranged the presentation, in the gorgeous surroundings of the National Portrait Gallery in London. The view was like a panorama out of Peter Pan.

Claudia is a bright and charming young woman, and, at sixteen, a devilish writer. Here’s her winning short story, “A Cushion Out Of Place.”

7 responses to “CWA Young Crime Writer of the Year 2011

  1. This short story by Claudia Hyde is completely and utterly BRILLIANT.
    I was sucked in right away and the tension just kept on growing and growing. I had my force my gaze not to stray to the end while I read on….thinking that the worst of my imaginings could not possibly happen.
    And you know what?
    They did.
    Claudia – you have a great gift – congratulations on your win.
    Ps. You don’t have any relatives called JEKYLL, do you?!

  2. Wow, that was an amazing piece of writing! Well done to Claudia Hyde – fantastic.

  3. Congratulations to Claudia–that was a short, creepy story where every word counted.

  4. That story was downright unnerving. Well done, Claudia!

  5. Excellent story. Congratulations, Claudia!

  6. Excellent story, congratulations to Claudia!

  7. Hmmm… after I posted the first message it didn’t show up–even after refreshing the page–and here we are today with two of them. Strange.
    Oh well, it was an exceptionally good story… so twice the praise for you, Claudia!

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