Farewell, Big Man

Hard to believe Clarence Clemons is gone. The New Jersey Star-Ledger has a beautiful obituary:

“He was the spirit of the E Street Band, and the oaken staff that Bruce Springsteen leaned on.”

“She’s The One” may not include Clemons’ most famous sax solo, but damn: this is rock and roll. This is the song that got me to love the E Street Band. A college friend called it “the best psych-up music of all time.” In my novel Jericho Point, it’s the song that’s playing as the story ends.

The video was shot at Crystal Palace stadium in London. I’m somewhere in the crowd on the field, with the Husband and friends from New Jersey. It was an amazing concert, and when the band broke into this song I almost lifted off the ground.

There’s a moment toward the end of the video where Clemons’ saxophone gleams in the light. Shine on, Big Man.

3 responses to “Farewell, Big Man

  1. Yar, shine on indeed… so very sad. 😦

  2. That’s a swell selection, it typifies the sound that is/was The E Street Band, of which of course, there would not have been that patented get down sound without Clarence Clemons.
    I was lucky enough to see Mr. Clemon’s perform four times, the first time it was for the Bruce, but I went back for The Clarence & his sweet smokin’ sax, he put chills up my spine, and made me grin til it almost hurt.
    You can RIP Big Man, ’cause you’ll always rock on!.

  3. I was fortunate to see the ‘Big Man’ and ‘The Boss’ together one last time in a Boston concert last April. I first saw them together in The Stone Pony in the late 70’s, when I was a kid. Hard to believe he’s gone…

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