Comments: on gods and spam

I’m pretty laissez faire about comments on this blog. People are free to disagree with my posts. I won’t ban you for using profanity or loving the Osmonds. But.

These things will lead me to delete your comment:

  1. Submitting a 1,000 word comment with a fake email address, especially one claiming to belong to a legitimate charitable organization.
  2. Posting the same 1,000 word comment on dozens of other blogs. This suggests that you don’t want to discuss the post you’re commenting on. You didn’t even read the post. It suggests that the comment is actually about you. This is also called spamming.
  3. Posting a 1,000 word comment in which you say, “Perhaps I am the second coming.” This convinces me the comment is about you.
  4. And dude, really?
  5. Ending this 1,000 word comment with a long litany whose refrain is, “F*** your god!!!!! F*** you!!!!” Pithy use of the F-word, I can abide. But five exclamation marks? You’re outta here.

8 responses to “Comments: on gods and spam

  1. “Leave a comment” says the button, invitingly. “Okay…” she says, trepidaciously.

    So, Meg, anything in particular lead to this?

  2. Holy Smoke, five!!!?
    Hmm, it’s always been my understanding that three exclamation marks is considered to be the maximum allotment for social media acceptability .
    Me thinks there may be too many folks that seriously need to cut down on the caffeine and/or energy drinks…and/or take up smoking, holy smoking of course, is completely optional.

    Now on gods& Spam, how unfortunate we spirit pandering humans had not invented that deeelicious ham like product, so cleverly cooked in it’s very own can of jelly like substance, so much sooner.
    Just think of all the lives that could might have been saved.
    Oh come on, how could even the most minor of a grumpy and somewhat demanding omnipotent(ish) being, resist such a wonderful and tasty treat/offering, and with nary sacrificial pyre, much less a cumbersome volcano (safety first being just one of my motto’s), required, is what’ I’m sayin’…bumper crops practically in the ol’ lunch bag, is what I’m thinkin’ 😉 .
    Pre Cooked Pork, it’s the other sacrificial meat!!!

  3. Can we back that exclamation point train up? You know how much I adore exclamation points. How am I supposed to talk to you guys without at least five?

    !!!…*cramp in hand*…!…trying so hard…arrrrrgh *shooting my gun in the air* arrrghhhh…


    I’ve let you down. 😦

  4. I don’t know what possessed anyone to do a thousand word rant complete with inappropriate usage of exclamation points and am happy I didn’t see it. I have enough to deal with without fearing going face down on my keyboard from a killer dose of boredom. So, thank you, Meg, for yanking that.
    Dana Jean, you are great!!! Thanks for the laugh.
    And Pat, do you mind me stealing your final sentence? I think that’s marvelous!
    (Oops! Too late. Already purloined.)

  5. S’ok Dana Jean, they weren’t all in a row.

  6. Sheesh. Makes the rest of us seem positively boring.

  7. SN 🙂 Rt
    By all means, I would not dream of being piggish ( yes, yes of course you may groan now, why it’s practically required).

    Oh Dana Dana Dana, how could you not be an exception to any rule?????
    I however, am having a most traumatic lack of my beloved smiley conniptions, as I only have two I know how to do, and cannot properly convey when I’m being completely serious (hey now, smiley love is much misunderstood, but nothing to be ashamed of)..okay, so maybe not so much a problem 😉 …ya see!!!

  8. Curses!!!!!! (that’s 6) *proud*

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