W for Wacko

Kate writes: “There are no words.”

Man Named Guy Fowlkes Blows Up Florida Fireworks Stand.

“The Orlando Sentinal reports that Fowlkes got into a fight about a storage unit with his girlfriend, who he then “struck [on] the left side of her face.” Then he started blowing stuff up.

He went into the tent and began to light up fireworks, directing some of them at other employees. He also lit the fuse of two firecrackers and placed them inside the gas tank of an employee’s car.

“When police arrived at the scene, Fowlkes ‘seemed to be having a seizure [and] said he did not know what was happening and did not remember anything.'”

No word on whether he’s been imprisoned in the Tower of London.

One response to “W for Wacko

  1. Personally, if I owned a fireworks stand and was approached by a man named Guy Fowlkes for a job, I think I should be bearing some of the responsibility if I hired him and he subsequently decides to blow things up.

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