The Nightmare Thief: Daily Mail review

What a way to wrap up my Friday. The write-up Carla McKay gives The Nightmare Thief in today’s Daily Mail has just made my weekend:

“Rich, spoilt, Daddy’s girl Autumn Reiniger wants a really special 21st birthday, so Daddy lays on a deluxe ‘crime-spree weekend’ in the Californian wilderness. It’s organised by Edge Adventures, a company specialising in extreme reality games which Reiniger uses to test the mettle of his young traders.

“Unbeknown to Autumn, Daddy has also laid on a character called the Bad Cowboy so that Autumn can confront and overcome a childish phobia. So begins one of the most exciting openings of a crime book I have come across as the weekend scenario kicks off.

“What the reader knows, but Autumn and her pals don’t, is that Edge Adventures has been infiltrated by a criminal gang intent on wreaking revenge on Autumn’s father by holding her for ransom.

“Meantime, forensic psychiatrist Jo Beckett is investigating the death of a lawyer whose body has been found in a remote part of the Sierras – which brings her into a collision course with Autumn’s party.

“What follows is a tense, thrill-a-second race against time as everyone present is forced to confront real life-changing danger as the ‘game’ turns nasty.”

*End self pimpery*

As you were.

11 responses to “The Nightmare Thief: Daily Mail review

  1. Okay, any of you that got your copy early, how is it?

  2. As always, breathless. I am past the halfway point having received mine on Wednesday (curses to the lousy mail service). However, I have to keep pausing because of the continued adrenaline rush.

  3. Mine’s on order. Guess I’ll just have to wait…

  4. Great review, Meg. I’m re-reading The Liar’s Lullaby before I my copy arrives.

  5. Can’t wait – and hope I’ll be able to visit Murder by the Book next month.

  6. I DO HOPE you have a copy in your bag for me, little missy.

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