Question time 2011

In a few minutes I’m heading to California. While I’m in flight, ask me anything. (In the comments. Come on — I’m not telepathic, and the captain won’t patch you through to my seat.)

Back in a while. Then: more news, fun stuff, answers, life, and everything!

11 responses to “Question time 2011

  1. Khalid Marzook

    What are your top 5 tips for novice & “aspiring” writers?

  2. In ‘The Liar’s Lullaby’ you have a character talk about Superman and his alter ego and the reflection of this on humanity which I found really interesting. How did come to this line of thought?

    Another question I have is that your books deal with serious subjects but you also have humour in them, is it difficult to get the balance right?

  3. What are your work/writing habits? Do you outline? Do you complete all your research before beginning writing? When you are writing, is it a ‘words per day’ goal, or is it more time-based? (Writing from 8:00am until 2:00pm, for example.)

  4. Ranger or Morelli?

  5. Would you write in any genre other than crime/thriller?

  6. What was the last book you’ve read that you told everyone about because it was that good?

  7. In a crisis, who would you rather have at your side: Evan or Jo?

  8. You gained a lot of attention thanks to Stephen King’s article about you in Entertainment Weekly. When (or if, depending on how modest you feel) you are in the position King was, who will you launch?

  9. Speaking of Mr. King, have you ever had any extended opportunity to talk with him about writing – and if you did, what sorts of things did you discuss?

  10. Well, if perchance you flew over The Mighty BlueGrass, did ya see me wavin’?
    (I was the one with the torn up Crow’s Nest ballcap jumpin’ up & down, with, big jar of sweet tea, and the Flintstone band aids on my legs…well it was rough week in lawn & gardening, evidently the raspberries were rather hungry, plumb ran out of Scooby band aids, so that couldn’t have been me)

    Okay, so a bona fide question then (no seriously, I know I can do it).
    How much main character background/likes/dislikes/childhood allergies/yada yada, are we the reader not privy to, if any?
    I mean I know you know them pretty good by now, and like any good pals, there’s always so much you really don’t know, but how well did you know, or thought you knew about them, before you introduced them to us?
    Or possibly, it’s really not all that important to go into much depth?
    See, I knew I could do it 😉 .

  11. Thanks for the questions, everyone. Let me get some coffee, and I’ll take a crack at answering them.

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