Question time: book recommendations

Some more answers to your questions.

Dru asks: “What was the last book you’ve read that you told everyone about because it was that good?”

The last book? That would be the novel I physically hunted down in a Palo Alto bookstore a few days ago and handed to my husband: The Passage by Justin Cronin.

Three minutes earlier I had done the same thing with Anathem by Neal Stephenson. (The Husband, however, had room in his carry-on for only one fat luscious science fiction epic. He went with The Passage.)

And, since I’ve just come from listening to an interview at ThrillerFest with author Joe McGinniss, I’m going to shout at all of you: If you haven’t read Fatal Vision, McGinniss’s book about the Jeffrey MacDonald case (the Green Beret doctor who murdered his family and tried to blame it on a Manson-type attack), go get it. Now. It’s a tour de force.

On the flip side, both my son and husband have been harping on me (as in shoving the book into my hands) to read The Rest is Noise by Alex Ross, the Pulitzer Prize winning history of music in the 20th century. So that’s next on my list.

3 responses to “Question time: book recommendations

  1. Can I leave a book recommendation? If I may, Listen to The Help on audio. That is one of my most favorite audios I have ever read. There are 4 narrators for this character-driven story and these women are amazing. You will not get the same rich experience reading it. Please, listen to it.

    Also, adored adored adored Swamplandia! Something about that story and the quirky writing just spoke to the inner Dana Jean.

  2. Oh yes, Fatal Vision was marvelous. I thought it as great as Helter Skelter.

  3. Along the lines of Fatal Vision, I highly recommend Bitter Blood by Jerry Bledsoe.

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