Monday links: jet lag edition

Home again, home again. Too jet lagged to write complete sentences.  So take a look at these links:

Robert De Niro on Saturday Night Live: “Book Ad.”

Cake Wrecks: When Cakes Need Copyeditors.

“Starvation Heights” — “The most murderous house in Washington history”… in Kitsap County. (Thanks to Bob Selzer for the link.)

5 responses to “Monday links: jet lag edition

  1. You’ve just experienced what my grandmother used to call a “pleasure exertion.”

  2. Oh, so that’s what it’s called.

  3. ‘The Marmaduke Betrayal’ was my least favorite, we still have fleas…now that’s what ya call one crazy promotional gimmick!

    Cake wrecks huh 🙂 ?
    Well ain’t that just icing on the, well, you know (yes, I have allotted a reasonable amount of time for a right proper groan)
    Please Meg, drink some juice & get some much needed rest, if only for the children 😉 .

    Wow, I’ve never heard of good ol’ Doc Hazzard…I hazard to guess that somebody must of had rather traumatic potty training, is what I’m thinkin’ :-0 .
    Her joint made Doc Kellog’s sanitarium sound like an all you can eat high colonic buffet at the Mayo Clinic, talk about your frosted flake!
    Disclaimer: That comment is in no way meant to cast a certain, and most lovely I might add, Kiwi friends in any disparaging light…I’m totally cereal!
    (oh come on, is a groan really necessary for that one, I mean I thought it was okay, plus it was vitamin enriched & high in fiber…yeah yeah okay, I see what ya mean, now I’m just milkin’ it)

    • Hahahahahahaha! (*snorrrrr…’ *)

      Y’know Pat, it’s okay if’n the “flake” doesn’t start with a capital “F”.
      (Frosted Flake? Sounds a lot less painful than being a “Toasted Flake”, say thankya.) 😛

  4. Got it, no capital “F’s”.
    Hmm, ya know, I’d think that would all depend on the where abouts of said toasting 😉 .
    Hmm, hm hm, on the other hand, I think I may be gettin’ toasted and toasty confuzzelated, and that could be somewhat of a problem for me wee lil’ tootsies comes around Christmas time if’n I don’t keep it straight.
    I mean sure does looooves me some toasty/toasted tootsies when it’s brrrrr cold out..uh huh, now ya see what I’m sayin’?
    Holy smokes, I’m livin’ on the edge…gettin’ old sucks 🙂 !

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