Carmageddon approacheth

Recently the Husband and I watched Battle: Los Angeles. We enjoyed it very much, not only for the shrieky aliens and exploding gas stations, but because Aaron Eckhart went to the same high school as our kids. Go Cougars.

But we didn’t know that the destruction depicted in the movie is about to become horrifyingly real.

Dear merciful God. Our youngest son has to travel from Santa Barbara to LAX on July 16th. And the 405 Freeway will be closed.

Photo: the 405 Freeway at approximately 9 a.m. July 16, 2011.

And our kid has a flight to catch. This could be a fight to the finish. His grandmother may have to arm him for the dash to the airport, possibly with a bike chain and a trident.

Be afraid.

5 responses to “Carmageddon approacheth

  1. Hmm, as frightening as it sounds, I’m thinkin’ it’s just a possiblity that someone didn’t get their Junior Mints 🙂 .

  2. Talk about frightening, did you actually watch ol’ Erik in that PSA? And we wonder why his career was a CHiPs one and done kind of thing.

    • Oh, but speaking of CHiPs, I think the obvious solution for your son is to do the Santa Barbara to LAX run on a dirt bike à la the Baja 500. Think grandma will lend him her’s?

  3. Maybe cheaper just to fly him from St. Babs to L.A.?

    Or send him by airport van, so he doesn’t have to drive it?

  4. Just saw this posted on an LA-resident friend’s Facebook page: The Movie – Watch more Funny Videos

    (Let’s hope this link works…)

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