This week: Heading to Texas

Thursday I start my book tour. I’m launching The Nightmare Thief at Murder by the Book in Houston. And, as you can see from this poster in the front window at MBTB, I’m signing copies at 6:30 p.m.

So, friends and family in the Houston area: be there. No excuses. You know who you are.

And for the obsessive among you, this photo was shot by an author who signed at the store on Sunday. You can see his ghostly image, shooting the pic with his iThumbs. Bonus points for anybody who identifies him.

IN THE COMMENTS: Claude Delgado writes, “My guess: Gregg Hurwitz, now what’d I win?”

You win a gold star and big hand clap, Claude. And a recommendation. Read Gregg Hurwitz. He’s a terrific thriller writer and a great guy.

4 responses to “This week: Heading to Texas

  1. Claude Delgado

    My guess: Gregg Hurwitz, now what’d I win?

  2. Elinor Seeley

    Hi Meg- we will for sure see you in Austin! Yay! We are making our reservations now. All four us will see ya’ll then! Umm.. I don’t have a website or a blog or a facebook sadly to leave on my info form. But looking forward to reading your latest and seeing you both.

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