The Nightmare Thief: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel review

Yes, Publication! Mayhem! Week! begins. To start it off, here’s a review of The Nightmare Thief from Carole Barrowman at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

“A storm took down the power lines during my recent vacation in Wisconsin’s North Woods, so it seemed appropriate that Meg Gardiner’s ‘The Nightmare Thief’ (Dutton, $25.95), a wilderness survival thriller, kept me captivated during the outage.

“Jo Beckett, a San Francisco-based forensic psychiatrist, a ‘deadshrinker,’ is an appealing balance of beauty, brain and brawn. In this book, the brawn’s in charge. Jo and her partner, Gabe Quintana, ‘a pararescueman’ for the Air National Guard, get caught in an urban reality game for a rich heiress’ birthday, an event that ‘goes sideways fast.’ Trapped with the heiress and her friends at the bottom of a mountainous gorge, Jo needs all her skills to survive. Thankfully, I just had to keep the coolers topped with ice.”

I think this may be the first time a reviewer has read one of my novels by firelight. I hope the book contributed to the wilderness experience. And thanks.

One response to “The Nightmare Thief: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel review

  1. I liked this review – read by firelight, eh? πŸ™‚ I’m looking forward to reading The Nightmare Thief myself…it’s on my Amazon Wishlist. πŸ™‚

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