The Nightmare Thief hits the street in the USA

The Nightmare Thief has now been released into the wild. It’s on sale today in the USA.

This means:

(a) You can buy the book and read it today.

(b) I will be engaging in open and unapologetic self-pimpery. Because:

(c) My editor is standing behind me with a cattle prod, muttering, “Tell ’em. Tell ’em about the book.” And my publicist is standing behind him, saying, “Tell ’em now.” And I don’t mess with her. She may be five foot one, but she played rugby.

(d) Jo Beckett and Evan Delaney.

Go on. I won’t stop you.

4 responses to “The Nightmare Thief hits the street in the USA

  1. My copy is en route! If it weren’t for the stifling heat, I would be standing vigil near the mailbox at the end of my driveway. However, I will be watching for the letter-carrier. Oh, and you can just bet that he’ll get a word or two if he doesn’t have it today… Just watch for the headlines. Not all the crazies are in Kitsap County, you know….

    (A female rugby player? That’s kind of hot…)

    (Forgive me… A string of days in the upper 90s tends to make a guy a little squirrelly.)

  2. I managed to keep my sanity, Meg. I just got back from a 10-day vacation. I wandered around the woods (and paddled around the lakes) of Western Maine with some old friends. My physical, mental, and spiritual batteries have been charged to capacity.

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