Saturday links, book tour edition

So far, the Nightmare Thief book tour is a blast. Austin rocks. Though I did wake up this morning wondering why I was wearing cowboy boots decorated with red roses and skulls. And I have no idea why the Texas Longhorns mascot was wandering around the room. But I digress.

Here are a few links related to the new book:

My appearance on KEYE-TV Austin’s “Austin Live.” Yes: me, on TV. And no, I didn’t actually release a bag of rattlesnakes on the set.

AudioFile magazine reviews the audiobook edition of The Nightmare Thief:

Susan Ericksen’s talent shines in this latest Jo Beckett offering. Ericksen is unsurpassed in her ability to become a character, and she convincingly provides distinctive and perfectly selected voices for the various characters. From whiny college kids to international financiers, psychopaths, and a pistol-packin’ mama, Ericksen delivers an engaging performance. An audio winner.

And the Florida Times-Union reviews the book: “The story is as white-knuckled and breathtaking as a season of ’24.’ I have the fingernail indentations on my book to prove it.”


3 responses to “Saturday links, book tour edition

  1. Saw the KEYE-TV interview last night. It looks like you had a ton of fun, Meg!

    After reading all of these positive reviews, I am convinced that there are a lot of intelligent book critics out there. Because they’re all correct; “The Nightmare Thief” is one of your best yet, Meg. No doubt about it. Congratulations – the accolades are well deserved – you knocked this one out of the park.

  2. Just read the book, Meg. I know I say this about each book, but this one was GREAT. You just keep getting better and better! Way to rock my Saturday! (And cheers to Ron “DV” Gilbert for his role in the book.)

  3. And you guys have made my weekend. Thanks!

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