Baby discovers thrillers, baby

Sleeplessnsb sends this photo of “your biggest/smallest fan,” and writes: “Charlotte looks like she just read Nightmare Thief!”

Is she taking a punch at the bad guys?

I’m flying to New York this morning. Be good while I’m gone.

6 responses to “Baby discovers thrillers, baby

  1. Sleeplessnsb: Charlotte looks like an angel.

    (After staying up very late to finish “The Nightmare Thief” my expression was similar…although I may have been drooling a bit also.)

  2. Sleeplessnsb (again): She’s gorgeous! And already a reader. Fantastic!

  3. Very very nice.

    Good while you’re gone? Aw Mom, do we haaaave to?

  4. What a sweetie pie. I love babies and she definitely looks like a keeper.

  5. “Bring me another of Auntie Meg’s books, ok? I did so enjoy the last one.”

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