What I talk about when I talk about The Nightmare Thief

Scott Montgomery at Book People in Austin has written about my event there on Friday night and even posted a video snippet of my talk. Even though I hate seeing myself on camera, I will post it here. Please be kind in your comments.

11 responses to “What I talk about when I talk about The Nightmare Thief

  1. Terrific. I am really regretting not going down for Sleuthfest. Loved the Meg Cabot line.

  2. Meg Cabot denial on film. What about Anita Shreve, though?

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the video clip – I think you look just fine in video. πŸ™‚ Thanks to Book People.

  4. I guess the Anita thing is an in-joke for us hard-core Megolodytes. (Do we have a collective name?)

    And yay!! I just got my hot little hands on The Nightmare Thief, so I’m off to the cottage for a long weekend (in Ontario) of sitting on the dock with a beer and a book. Oh, the hardship.

  5. Okay, just reviewed the contest winners. I’ll be looking for Pat T Hat and Ron.

  6. CAGE FIGHT!!!!…!

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  8. Rrrrooowww!
    I can beg & suck up in any number of ways, virtually limitless is what I’m sayin’, the variety of which is only dwarfed by the largesse of said sucking up πŸ˜‰ !
    Oh my sweet Meg, to give me but a chance, if to only prove my total commitment!
    (and could it possibly involve Jello…just askin’, no worries, just a lil’ somethin’ to consider is all)

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