The Nightmare Thief: review reviews The Nightmare Thief:

“Edgar Award-winning mystery writer Meg Gardiner has not one but two stellar series: one featuring forensic psychiatrist Jo Beckett, and another with investigative reporter Evan Delaney. Both women are supremely capable yet emotionally vulnerable; both have suffered great losses, and both have a tendency to get in over their heads. Good thing, too, because the over-the-top scenarios Gardiner constructs for her characters are part of what makes her novels so wildly entertaining….

“With its taut plotting and bleak desert setting, THE NIGHTMARE THIEF is a great summer read, the kind of book you might pull out of your beach bag in the morning and devour by dinner….

“Gardiner is probably best known for her Evan Delaney series, but her more recent psychological suspense novels featuring Jo Beckett have also gained her plenty of fans. THE NIGHTMARE THIEF introduces readers to both compelling characters, each of whom brings her own talents and strengths to bear on the problem at hand. They make great teammates; here’s hoping that this first collaboration is not their last.”

Thanks for that.

2 responses to “The Nightmare Thief: review

  1. I agree! Evan and Jo definitely had chemistry. (No boys, not in that cage fight/mud pit kind of way… 🙄 :razz:)
    It would be great if they do cross paths again in the future.

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